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10 August, 2021 | Match & Coarse | Tips | Articles


Jack Danby’s Seasonal Guide to Fishing with Milled Expanders

When fishing commercial venues at any time of year, Dynamite Milled Expanders can always play a part. Often anglers can become unsure of the key benefits of groundbait mixes, flavours and colours, so here is how 2021 Fish O’Mania finalist Jack Danby chooses which mix to use depending on conditions and venue type.

Jack says…

I tend to use a Milled Expander mix over more conventional groundbait for a lot of my commercial venue fishing due to the fact its got less feed content and works better as an attractor for bringing fish in from outside your swim really well. This is very important in high-pressure match situations. It’s also good for creating a cloud in the water which F1s especially love, and the Milled Expander’s versatility allows you to mix it dry or wet depending on water depths and the type of fishing you are doing – whether its margin work or slopping in open water.

Dynamite’s range of Milled Expander mixes allows me to chop and change according to the seasons. Below you’ll discover the mixes in the range and the times of year that I like to use each one…

A fine summer haul of Milled Expander-caught carp for Jack!



At this time of year when the fish are just starting to wake up but are still wary in the fairly clear water, I opt for a mix matching the lake bed. Often this will be the Swim Stim Milled Expander Betaine Green flavour, or on F1 venues I mix the Milled Expander F1 Sweet with Milled Expander Amino Black, (three parts F1 to one part black), as this gives the mix a nice dark green colour whilst still having the lovely sweet flavour from the F1 mix.

Jack favours the Betaine Green Milled Expanders groundbait in the Spring.


The fish are now really active and competing for feed. At this time of year it can pay to ‘pack a punch’ with both bright colours and strong flavours. Because of this I opt for either Milled Expander F1 Sweet or Milled Expander Red Krill. Both mixes are very bright in colour with a nice intense flavour. Often venues will either respond better to either a sweet or fishy flavour and this helps me decide which mix to use.

F1 Sweet Milled Expanders. A deadly, bright mix for carp in the Summer.


When daylight hours are shortening it can be hard to determine how well the session is going to go as the fish could still be feeding up for the winter or starting to shy off big piles of feed. My approach at this time of year then is based around the F1 Milled Expander. I will always opt to start the day with a straight F1 mix out of the bag but will carry Amino Black with me, and if it becomes apparent that the fishing is becoming harder, I will add some Amino Black into the mix to gain that safer lakebed tone.


When in the depths of winter and fishing is often at its toughest you really need to err on the side of caution and it is about setting tasty, discrete traps. The Milled Expander Amino Black is ideal as it’s a nice subtle ground bait that gives off a slight cloud on the lakebed and does just enough to trigger a bite. It also perfectly compliments single particle hook baits such as a red maggot or an expander.

Milled Expanders Amino Black is a great choice in the colder months.

Vibrant baits like red maggots work really well over Amino Black Milled Expanders in the winter.


A key benefit to using milled expanders instead of conventional carp pellet-based ground baits is their versatility. You really can use the mix in any situation, from fishing it as a slop shallow to producing a really heavy mix for margin fishing or mixing a soft, fluffier mix for tougher days. With different amounts of water our Milled Expander range does it all.

Milled Expanders work great as a slop shallow…


…or down the edge for those big carp late on.

Spectacular results are guaranteed when you use Milled Expander groundbait, no matter what time of the year!

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