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22 May, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | News | Catches


Micky Cork: The 50-Year-Old Long Lin

The catch report behind a super old English mirror carp known as the Long Lin. Pictures and words from Micky Cork

Micky says…

I’ve been fishing overnighters on a local small lake in the Lea Valley as work is a bit busy at the minute. Overall the lake is maybe 1 acre in size and holds about 10-12 old carp.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve done 6 nights in total following my pre-baiting campaign on the water since the start of April – sprinkling in a couple of pouchfuls every 3/4 days on the small spots in between the weed with 12mm CompleX-T boilies.

In that time I managed 14 bites, landed 13 of which 10 were different carp. Annoyingly I’d lost the Long Lin on the second night but carried on putting the bait in after for few more days knowing that there’s a chance I could tempt it again.

Fast forward to my latest trip on the same spot, I received the same savage bite exactly as before but this time I didn’t give it an inch of line like before as I was pretty sure I knew what was on the end, well pretty sure anyway!

An absolutely amazing fish which is about 50+ years old.


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