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19 March, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Kristof Cuderman – Lake Pelagicevo Delivers Again!

Kristof Cuderman reports back on his recent trip to Bosnia in search of monster carp from the famous Lake Pelagicevo!

Kristof says…

We had a work party at Pelagicevo Lake in Bosnia last weekend but I also took my rods with me there.

Normally I don’t fish in January and February because I focus completely on work and save time for fishing when there are better conditions. Because we worked at the lake, I didn’t lose any time so I set out my rods. I was using the new Peppered Squid and Monster Tiger Nut boilies as hookbaits and for feeding I was using also mix of particles and a mix of pellets.

To be honest I was hoping that I would manage to catch my first carp of the season. We stocked 67 new carp into the lake in December and I was hoping at least some of them would be in the feeding mood…

The final result turned out to surpass my wildest expectations! In just 3 days I caught 16 carp from 12.8kg to 28.1 kg, with 5 of them going over 20kg. A completely crazy session considering the lake was completely covered with ice 10 days before my visit.

What a start in new season!


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