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27 November, 2018 | Carp | News


Kristof Cuderman has set a new World record by banking a 70lb plus carp from seven different countries.

His latest capture was taken during a session in his home country of Slovenia, a 71lb 2oz (32.3kg) specimen he tempted on a 20mm The Source boilie tipped with a 15mm CompleX-T pop-up.

kristof cuderman slovenian 70lb carp from seven countries

Kristof’s record making fish was caught on a Source and CompleX-T snowman

The fish, known as Papiga (parrot) was caught from a large 145 hectare water which had depths averaging 16m, fishing from a spot Kristof had primed using mixed sizes of CompleX-T boilies and 8mm The Source pellets.

The amazing catch means that Kristof has added Slovenia to impressive list of nations where he has caught carp over 70lb. They include, Croatia, Austria, Italy, Bosnia, France and Romania, a feat no other angler has ever achieved. The haul includes an incredible three fish over 80lb from three different countries!

Scroll down to see the timeline of his record breaking fish.


Italy – 2013

32.3kg (71.2lb) 20mm Robin Red Boilie and 15mm matching pop-up

2013 Italy 32.3kg 71.2lb Robin Red 20mm and 15mm pop-up 2


Bosnia – 2014

32kg (70.6lb) Squid Liver & Black pepper 15 mm boilies + Black Buzzer Fluro 10 mm pop-up

2014 bosnia 32kg 70.6lb squid and octopus 2


France – 2015

38.6kg (85.1lb) 20mm Monster Tiger Nut boilie and 15mm pop-up

2015 France 38.6kg 85.1lb Monster Tiger Nut 20mm and 15mm pop-up


Romania – 2016

31.8kg (70.1lb) 15mm Spicy Shrimp & Prawn boilie with 15mm Pineapple & Banana pop-up


2016 Romania 31.8kg 70.1lb spicy shrimp 15mm and pineapple & banana pop-up 2

Austria – 2016

39.8kg (87.8lb) CompleX-T 20mm boilie

2016 Austria 39.8kg 87.8lb complex-t 20mm


Croatia – 2017

37.1kg (81.8lb) Red Amo Hardened Hookbait

2017 croatia 37.1kg 81.8lb red amo hardened hookbait 2


Slovenia – 2018

32.3kg (71.2lb) 20mm The Source boilie with 15mm CompleX-T pop-up

kristof cuderman slovenian 70lb carp from seven countries


Cuderman’s record in numbers…


The total weight in Kg of Kristof’s catches


The number of years taken to catch his seven 70lb+ carp


The number of different Dynamite products Kristof has caught his fish on


The number of carp over 20kg Kristof has landed during the five years


The number of countries Kristof has caught 50lb plus carp



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