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20 May, 2014 | Carp | Articles | News


Kristof Cuderman set a new record when he landed a 32kg carp during a trip to Bosnia to make it nine different countries where he has landed a carp over 50lb. The Slovenian angler made the historic capture using Dynamite Crave boilies. Read on to find out more about his session……

Kristof Cuderman Crave Boilies 9th carp over 50lb

RECORD BREAKER – Kristof’s 50lb carp – his ninth over that weight from different nations

By Kristof Cuderman…..

Everything started less than 3 weeks ago when my friend Mirko Peraica called me. We have been talking about fishing on one of his favourite lakes (lake Pelagicevo in Bosnia) for quite some time. My goal was to catch a carp over 50lb in Bosnia and add the 9th country on my already long list of countries. The phone call was very short. Mirko said: ”Due to a competition being cancelled there are some positions free on the lake in 14 days so I can make you a reservation”. I immediately said that I will be more than happy to come.


Start of the session

At 8am after a 4 and a half hour drive, Marina and I arrived at the 33ha lake Pelagicevo. I quickly looked around the lake and talked to the fishing ranger about the venue rules. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how neat and clean the lake and its surroundings were. The ranger showed me all the facilities and to my surprise he told me that on most of the lake’s positions wi-fi was available.

I finally went to my swim and started putting up the camp and fishing gear. On that day the weather changed constantly, sun one minute then rain. I decided to delay feeding until Mirko arrived as he was going to give me some additional advice later in the afternoon.

I prepared my rods and everything and was really suprised to get the first take around an hour after putting my rods out. After a short fight I landed a carp of 14,6kg. I thought that was a great start to the session as I hadn’t even properly started yet and carp were already reacting to my bait. Mirko arrived and offered me more information about the position and gave me great advice on how to maximise this swim. I remembered everything carefully and combined it with my strategy. After we talked Mirko went to the other side of the lake to his spot to fish with his friend Anđelko.

dynamite baits pellets

The pellets Kristof fed to tempt the record..

Preparing the food and feeding

This time I decided to take Dynamite Baits The Crave and Squid Liver & Black Pepper boilies with me and of course my favourite mix of pellets. This consisted of Marine Halibut, Robin Red, The Source and Swim Stim Red Krill, Betaine and Original. I started feeding around 2pm and placed my rods accurately on the baited locations.



First historic achievement

About an hour after feeding my alarm went on the right-hand rod. I quickly grabbed the rod and the fight started. After about 20 minutes I first saw the fish and said to Marina: ”I think it is over 50lb”. That showed to be true a few minutes later when we weighed the fish and the scales showed 26,3 kg which is about 58lb. I couldn’t believe that I managed to achieve my main goal at this lake after just two hours of fishing. I yelled to Mirko the great news and while laughing he said that now you can go home already.

With this carp I became the first fisherman in the world to catch a carp over 50lb (22,7 kg) in 9 different countries. I have previously caught 50’s in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy and Hungary. This time I added Bosnia to the list.

The carp was caught on The Crave 20mm boilie and 15mm Butyric-C fluro pop-up, both dipped for a few minutes in The Crave Hookbait Dip. The rig was made-up with ACE components.


Next four days                                                                                              

The carp were constantly keeping me and Marina busy. It literally felt like one catch after another and after each I had to feed a little bit more.

I have to mention the bigger fish that I managed to catch – 21,4kg, 22,1kg, 19,3kg and a river carp 109 cm long weighing 18,7kg. The next day in the afternoon Marina got her new PB, a beautiful mirror of 19,5kg.


Last day and breaking the records

On the last day in the morning we packed most of our equipment away as the weather forecast said there were going to be storms in the afternoon. We were planning on fishing until about 4 o’clock or until the storms arrived.

It was 2pm. Marina and I were playing rummy and I was hoping to get some more takes. A few minutes later there was a strong take. As I grabbed the rod the carp slowly but  persistently peeled the line off my reel. I thought to myself this must be a big one. It hasn’t stopped for about 80 metres and I felt a very big weight on the end of my line. After a 45 minute fight I saw the carp for the first time. I was shocked and very excited at the same time. I roughly estimated the carp’s weight around 28+ kg. After a few minutes I scooped the carp into my ACE landing net.

I took a good look at the carp and I was sure it was 30kg. Marina and I put it into a weigh sling and I called the fishing ranger to attend the weighing of the carp. I was sure it could be the new Bosnian record. Marina was keeping the carp in the water while I went to pack away the other rods and equipment.

I was nervous, happy and couldn’t believe that it was actually happening. There was only one rod left in the water and at that moment I got a take on that too. I quickly got the carp to the shore and into the landing net. It was a huge mirror with 23,1 kg. Unbeliveable!

Then the ranger came with his son and another fisherman. We weighed the carp precisely and the scale showed exactly 32kg. CRAZY! My head and thoughts were on another planet. Anyone that is committed to their sport as much as I am knows what I was feeling. We took some photos of the carp and let him back into his kingdom. The carp was caught on a Squid Liver & Black pepper 15mm boilie and a Black Buzzer 10mm Fluro pop-up. As always the system was put together using ACE components: BBP size 6 hook, 35 lb hooklink and long distance 112g lead.

the record


I had now officialy set the new Bosnian record and became the first fisherman to catch a carp over 50lb in 9 different countries. Dynamite boilies prove their quality again and again. My biggest achievements in the last year are:

  • First fisherman to catch 50lb+ carp in 9 different countries
  • Slovenian mirror record
  • Austrian carp record
  • Bosnian carp record

Last but not least I would like to kindly thank the fishing club of Pelagicevo, my friend Mirko for his help and Marina for her great photos and help at all times. Big thanks to all my friends for the support and of course Dynamite Baits and the amazing team which always supports me on my way to new great achievements.

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