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16 May, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Ben Greenhill: My Spring Carp Fishing So Far

Ben Greenhill shares the successes of his Spring Carp Fishing campaign so far…

Ben says…

My Spring Carp Fishing started well after catching a couple of carp from various swims around the syndicate lake back in March, but that soon became more difficult as the lake started to get busy with anglers as the weather improved.

With the lake being flooded, it worked in my favour for the rest of the spring as I decided to focus on an area of the lake which hadn’t seen any attention for a while.

With the swim being left alone, I decided to bait fairly heavy several times a week from the start of April. Lots of Dynamite pellet, Frenzied Maize and Hot Crab & Krill boilie was introduced to the spot in hope it would draw the carp in far and wide.

After baiting several times I fished my first overnighter at the start of April on the new area and the prep work proved worthwhile straightaway.

The first three bites were smaller mirrors which I slipped back during the night but at first light, one of the better-looking ones turned up in the shape of this 27lb mirror which topped off the first night on the new area perfectly.

A proper looker this one at 27lb


After another couple of baiting missions in the evenings after work, I got back down the following weekend for a two night session.

The first night was surprisingly quiet but with three rods on the clear spot over bait I thought it would be worth sticking it out for one of the bigger residents.

The following morning it paid off big time and after a powerful battle, the biggest common in the lake was sitting in the net and a new personal best too – as you can imagine I was buzzing!

My 69th fish from the lake and I had the one I was after – the box common at 39lb 6oz in pristine condition.

After that session the spring was made for me and anything else was going to be a bonus.

I got back down for a couple of nights over the following weekends and managed a few more carp but mainly mid to upper double mirrors and a bigger mirror of 31lb 10oz which rounded the spring off on the syndicate nicely.

With the lake getting busy and the area getting fished by other members regularly, it was time to move on and focus my attention elsewhere.


All the fish were caught using D rigs presented with Fluro Pineapple & Banana wafters over the spot.

The winning combination

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