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23 July, 2019 | Carp | News


A short review of carp fishing catches from anglers using our baits across the globe…

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This wild river carp fell for a fake bait dipped in our new Mulberry Plum liquid. Caught by Carlitos Mateo

Carlitos Mateo Mulberry Plum


Ángel Rodriguez Corpas banked this awesome common from the River Ebro near Zaragoza using Robin Red combined with Marine Halibut. Angel targeted a 5m deep plateau at range.


robin red pellets river ebro common


Also on the Ebro, Eduardo Zancada landed this giant 55kg catfish after tempting it using one of our 22mm Marine Halibut pellets flavoured in Squid & Octopus liquid

river ebro catfish eduardo zancada



Kristoff Cuderman visited IG Lake and continued his run of big fish by banking a 24.5kg mirror using a 20mm Robin Red boilie tipped with a Hit N Run pop-up.

kristof cuderman austria mirror on hit n run


Meanwhile Alex Hager banked the awesome ‘Ven Mirror’ using The Source

alex hager ven mirror on the source



Czech Republic

A River Labe lunker for Radek Bis taken while using The Source and Crave combination.

radek bis



A Lake Sumbar stunner for Srečko Karadžić. Fishing with Krištof Cuderman the pair banked an incredible 33 carp to over 22.4kg mostly using The Source tipped with Hit N Run pop-ups.

lake sumbar srecko



A 10mm Robin Red pop-up was too much to resist for this lovely common caught by Sean Martin while fishing on Bay of Quinte.

canada carp fishing robin red pop-up



One of Goslawice Lake’s best at 27kg for Slawek Raczka, tempted on a Robin Red Fluro pop-up fished on a homemade boilie.


27kg poland carp





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