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29 May, 2019 | Carp | News


A short review of carp fishing catches from anglers using our baits across the globe…

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A Red Amo snowman did the trick for this lovely dark common caught from a Spanish public water by Carlitos Mateo.

carlitos mateo red amo common carp


Meanwhile on the River Ebro, Eduardo Zancada continued his great form, banking this lovely common on a 22mm Marine Halibut pellet tipped with Squid & Octopus pop-up.

eduardo zancada ebro common carp


The Ebro was also the scene for Brian Gonzalez’ latest capture – this 20kg monster caught on Squid & Octopus baits.

ebro common squid & Octopus brian gonzalez



Big carp catcher, Kristof Cuderman set a new German PB by landing this awesome mirror at 28.2kg using a Source boilie tipped with a Hit N’ Run pop-up.

kristof 2019 german pb on source and hit n run pop up



Rade Drmić sent us a photo of this 23.6kg mirror he banked fishing on Borovik Lake. He used one of our Two-Tone pop-ups.

two tone pop-up croatia carp



The Source has been helping Fabien Garnier bank some lovely fish on his local waters in France including fish to 29.8kg. He’s been feeding mixed sized boilies and matching pellets. Here’s a 20.8kg beauty he caught during the month.

20.8kg french carp caught on source



The Crave was used by Yoshimiro Mune on his local pool to tempt this stunning, big-scaled common.

japanese carp on crave bait


Look at the colours on this koi caught by Shuto Tsuchimoto fishing on Maeyama Reservoir, on Shikoku island. He used a PVA bag of 14mm Marine Halibut pellets to tempt it.

japanese koi on marine halibut pellets



Stanimir Avramov visited Ryahovski Livadi Lake and enjoyed some great results including this awesome common caught on a Two Tone Fluro Krill and Banana pop-up  fished over some Source and Swim Stim pellets.

Ryahovski Livadi Lake stanimir avramov source boilies


Czech Republic

A stunning 20kg specimen for Vlastimil Koláček fishing on Brněnec 34 using Monster Tiger Nut boilies.

czech republic carp





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