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27 January, 2023 | Match & Coarse | Angler Blogs | Tips | Articles


Matt Fernandez’ Winter Trotting Edge

Specimen ace Matthew Fernandez reveals a simple bait trick that’s helped transform his Winter Trotting over the years – particularly for big chub, grayling and roach…

Matt says… 

Winter Trotting is simply magical and by far my favourite thing to do during the winter months is to trot a float for big chub, grayling and roach. There’s nothing more exciting than watching a float glide downstream in the hope of the float burying under.

Maggots are easily one of the best hook baits to use when trotting a float for your chosen species as they’re almost hypnotising to the fish. Get your feeding right and your float will bury on almost every trot through!

There are ways to make your maggots stand out even more though…

A little edge that I’ve been using for a number of years now is adding some Swim Stim Red Krill groundbait to my maggots. 48 hours before my session, I’ll put a generous amount of groundbait in the bait tub with my maggots so that they’ll take on the flavour and absolutely stink of krill!

Doing this over the years has helped me bank some seriously special fish! Why not give this little edge a try and land some monsters yourself?

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