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12 September, 2022 | Match & Coarse | Articles


Late Summer Crucian Carp Fishing

Summer might be coming to an end but when it comes to specimen crucian carp fishing, you’ll struggle to find a better time than now for banking a new personal best. Matthew Fernandez is somewhat of an expert when it comes to catching these ‘bars of gold’ and has been capitalising on the ideal conditions recently to bank a string of specimens. Here’s how his latest trip unfolded…

Matt said: “

Late summer is one of my favourite times to target big crucians and with a day in the diary set it was soon time to head to my favourite southern venue for targeting big crucians. Being a Sunday the lake was busy so I slotted in where I could.

I’ve fished the venue for eight years so my tactics and approach are always the same as they always work for myself.

I laid out a banquet of bait in the hope of getting the crucians on the feed. This consisted of Dynamite Baits F1 Sweet Groundbait, 4mm F1 sweet low feed pellets, Frenzied Hemp and dead maggots. A banquet fit for a specimen crucian!

After laying out the food to entice the crucians in, I then cast out my two Drennan in-line flatbed feeders with small caster hookbaits.

I then sat back and waited for the sun to burn away the morning mist.

At around 10am the bites began, but sadly it wasn’t the crucians but lots of hungry Rudd! I kept the faith though and it wasn’t long before the crucians started to feed!

Like clockwork they were soon ending up in the back of my landing net! It was a epic day with bites coming consistently through out the day where I landed numerous 3lb+ crucians with the biggest going 3lb 12oz.”

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