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23 November, 2021 | Match & Coarse | Tips | Articles | News


How to choose the right groundbait – A Guide to Swim Stim

A handy Dynamite guide to help you understand and select the right Swim Stim groundbaits…

How much fishmeal is in our Milled Expander groundbaits? How easy is Amino Black to mix? What food content is in Swim Stim Silverfish? These are some of the common questions we regularly get sent into us at Dynamite. This handy guide will answer all of those common queries as well as help you select the right groundbait to suit your chosen venue, the conditions and target species. If that wasn’t useful enough, match legend Nick Speed has also provided five tips to help you prepare the perfect Swim Stim mix!


1. When preparing groundbait I’m a big believer in a uniformed mix and by this I mean, no matter how many times I use/prepare a particular mix, I always end up with the desired consistency every time. To make this principle easy, I always measure out my amounts of ground bait, but more importantly, the amount of water I add to the mix.

So as a golden rule I use three parts groundbait to one part water which results in an over wet mix that after resting for 30 mins, and then riddling, is the perfect consistency for a multitude of uses such as method/cage feeder work and pole work.

With  this “recipe” you will end up with a manageable and versatile mix but more importantly, adding the correct amount of water to the mix means all the particles fully take on the water, which in turn means the mix remains a consistent texture throughout the days fishing.

I regard this as my footprint mix which I can alter depending on the conditions or fish I’m targeting. By adding slightly more water to it I can adjust the texture from a fluffy mix into a stodgy mix for making in small nuggets and feeding via a pole pot or for feeding in larger amounts via a large pot down the margins during the warmer months of the year for large edge dwellers…

Nick uses three parts groundbait to one part water as a rule of thumb when mixing groundbait

2. Always take your time when mixing your groundbait; rush it and get the consistency wrong and you could immediately hinder what happens to your groundbait under the water, and your catch results too.

Don’t rush it! Take your time and even prepare your groundbait the night before.

3. Always use a round bucket to mix your ground bait so all the ingredients are correctly mixed.  Always rest after mixing and before riddling for at least 30 minutes. To get the best out your ground bait it’s imperative you rest the mix, in order to give the particles a chance of fully absorbing the moisture.

A round groundbait bucket ensures an evenly distributed mix.


4. Riddling isn’t just about removing lumps, its also about adding air to the mix. For this reason, if I want to achieve a really light fluffy mix, I may riddle my mix several times.

Nick will riddle his groundbait several times to achieve the right consistency.

5. Always cover your ground bait when fishing. One good idea is to ensure your bucket has a lid on it but I do like to go one step further by not only keeping it in a bucket, but actually putting the prepared ground bait into a plastic bag and then into a bucket, this not only means its protected from excess moisture but also air, as both can ruin a perfectly good mix.

A bucket cover will prevent your groundbait from drying out or gaining extra moisture.


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