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Swim Stim Silver-Fish

About the Product

Swim Stim Silverfish Groundbait

Ultra-effective, low-feed value mixes designed for targeting silverfish like skimmers on commercial stillwaters where the fish are used to feeding on high-fishmeal pellets.

There are three versions available – Original, Dark and NEW for 2020 – Betaine Green. Three fantastic winter mixes.

• Three mixes – Original and Betaine Green for coloured water and Dark for clear, cold water conditions
• High fishmeal, sweet based groundbait designed for match anglers fishing commercial stillwaters in winter when targeting skimmers, roach and bream
• Contains SwimStim Koi Technology and ground SwimStim pellets
• Low feed value
• Light and fluffy mix suitable for balling-in, cupping in and in the feeder
• Natural flavour which can be mixed dry or sloppy

The Range

Swim Stim Silverfish Dark

Swim Stim Silverfish Original

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