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Caught a fish on our baits? Simply fill out the form below to get your catch featured on our channels!

Or for carp catches why not enter our Dynamite SAS Carp Fishing Competition? The 2023/24 hunt to find a new team member has begun. Have you always dreamed of becoming a sponsored angler? Scroll down to find our more..











To enter simply use our bait. Catch a fish and fill out the form below or email photos and details to catchshots@dynamitebaits.com. The Yearly and monthly winners will be selected by team Dynamite and published on our online channels with the monthly awards and number of captures going towards your chance of winning the yearly prize, so the more you enter the better chance of winning. The competition rewards quality of photos and consistency of catches, so you don’t have to catch the biggest fish in the pond to win!


Catch Submission
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By ticking the box below I confirm I agree to Dynamite Baits Ltd and third party angling publications and their subsequent online portals, using my personal data and any media files provided on this form for publishing purposes only. Data will not be used for any other purposes. I have read and understood the privacy notice found at the bottom of our home page. I understand that I am able to withdraw my consent at any time by [email to: web.eu@dynamitebaits.com]. I understand that you might not be able to stop immediately processing my personal data if you have already scheduled to process it automatically.


Terms and Conditions:

  • Only fish caught on Dynamite products are eligible to enter (Carp only)
  • Winners will be selected independently by Dynamite Baits Ltd and at our own discretion
  • Only one angler is eligible to win the two yearly prizes (Adult and junior) and they will be selected by Dynamite Baits Ltd for a year’s sponsorship with the potential for this to be extended indefinitely at Dynamite’s discretion. Junior award winner is not eligible for the £800 bait prize.
  • Dynamite have the right to cancel or alter winning prizes at any time within reason
  • £800 bait prize is based on a year’s supply and is subject to change during the winning period
  • Competition terms and details may change at any time.
  • The competition officially starts in April 2023 and will run until April 2024
  • Prize winners must contact Dynamite Baits Ltd to claim their prize within 1 month
  • Prizes only awarded to anglers resident in countries where Dynamite is available.