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11 April, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Steven Coe Cruises to BCAC Semi-Final!

Dynamite videographer Steven Coe reveals how he and fishing partner Finley Todhunter made it through to the Semi-Final of the BCAC following an emphatic display of angling on Linear’s Brasenose 1!

Steven says: 

After coming out seventh in the draw for this year’s BCAC qualifier, we managed to get our second-choice peg in C section. This was an area of the lake we thought we would be able to build a few bites together but more importantly, it was on the back of the wind as it was proper blowing.

When the match started we played around with different depth zigs soaked in Super Stench spray and it was this tactic that provided us with the majority of our carp.

As the match developed we did catch a few off the bottom over bait as well to top up our overall weight. For this line, our bait mix included Dynamite Frenzied Hemp, XL Corn, 3mm Marine Halibut Pellets and chopped worms.

By the end of the match we weighed in 203lb 4oz to finish second behind Kevin and Ben Cloke’s 227lb 13oz from peg A3 – an amazing result although a couple of dropped fish did prevent us from winning it outright!

None the less, our second place was enough to secure our place in the semi-final at Barston Lake on July 12th.

Full result, here.


Steven and Finley’s eight fish for 203lb 4oz – biggest going 34lb 8oz




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