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4 November, 2019 | Carp | News


Dynamite Carp Team Take Silver in Croatia

 Croatian pairing finish 2nd out of 26 teams after tough match in Zagreb

croatia carp champs adriatic team silver

Miroslav Vodopija (middle) & Rudolf Jelincic (right)


Dynamite backed, Miroslav Vodopija & Rudolf Jelincic from the Dynamite Baits Adriatic Team celebrated after claiming silver in a 72 hour on Tempo Lake in Zagreb, Croatia.

The team told Dynamite HQ:

Tempo Lake is big gravel pit that is not your usual heavily stocked commercial type of venue. It is in a way a ‘’wild’’ lake with very selective carp which migrate regularly throughout the lake from deep parts to very shallow parts much depending on weather conditions.

The match was very intense during the four days where on first day everyone had good catches, and as competition progressed into the second day, three teams were catching  and with each weigh in, they were trading places for the top three positions.

dynamite adriatic carp team catch on source

After the first day the competition was against three teams including Dynamite

We used The Source 12mm & 15mm boilies along with Source pellets and prepared particles soaked with CSL and Sweet Tiger Liquid to keep the carp in our swim. We knew that The Source needs a day or two to kick in, and that was the case here also.

Once the carp were on the feed they didn’t leave our swim and we had regular bites. We also unfortunately lost lots of fish as we were fishing at a distance of 140-150m  with small hooks #8-#10 (baited with 12mm Source and balanced Frenzied Tiger Nuts). It is always a gamble but if you use bigger hooks and bigger baits you wont get any bites!

dynamite adriatic carp team

The sun came out on the last morning and changed the carp’s habits.

Unfortunately on the last morning of the competition the sun broke out from the clouds and heated up the shallow area of the lake which activated the carp to feed there. Bad luck for us as our swim was located in deep and shaded part of the lake which tends to stay cold for longer and the winning team were in that shallow part which made a major difference in final result.

It was really interesting match where ‘’reading’’ the swim, baiting tactics which included getting the timing right and amount of feed you put in made a big difference. Many teams bait up heavily with low budget bait and that is not always a good way to get a good result.

dynamite adriatic carp team catch on source and tigernut

Another one on The Source

Using quality product and sharpening your tactics can always give you upper hand.

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