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28 October, 2022 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Andy Bradnock Banks Cashew at 45lb 4oz from Frimley Pit 3

Frimley Pit 3 can be a tough nut to crack but Andy Bradnock absolutely smashed it during his latest visit with five fished banked top by ‘Cashew’ at 45lb 4oz. Below, Andy outlines how his session unfolded…

Andy ‘Clearspot’ Says:

Frimley Pit 3 had been fishing poorly for a week or so but during my time there I’d luckily dropped on a pod of fish that were willing to feed.

I was dropping baits on the edge of the main bar in around 3ft of water. A mixture of Green Swim Stim Pellets, Shrimp Extract and the New Swim Stim Margin Groundbait got them feeding heavily enough for me to bag 5 in my 48-hour session.

The first fish of 33lb 7oz came on the first night in the middle of torrential rain and I got a proper soaking as it refused to give in!

The following morning I had two other bites in quick succession. I had just put the bait back out on the spot and was dropping on the back lead when the line tightened up in my hand.

This resulted in Cashew at 45lb 4oz which is quite possibly the largest mirror in the lake at the moment!

Within an hour the same spot did another take which produced the 37lb 12oz common before the same spot produced another common of 23lb 14oz later that night…

The following day the seagulls where diving on my spot so they could obviously see the bait but luckily they were unable to reach it.

They carried on doing this for hours so I thought any chance of a final take would be remote… To my shock, at 14.00 as I was packing up I had the final take and had to play it in while listening to a running commentary from the reprobates populating my swim! A second mirror of 32lb 3oz finished off the session in style and what a session it was!

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