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EcoChoice – A pioneering step in the fishing tackle industry

Angling is all about the outdoors. From the vast oceans to the secluded streams, our sport is founded on the wellbeing of waters. And it’s our responsibility to do what we can to ensure future generations can enjoy the outdoors the way we have been able to. That’s why we, as a part of Rapala VMC Corporation, are proud to present EcoChoice: our commitment to change.



Requirements specifically designed for fishing tackle – and for Dynamite Baits

There are no general eco labels for fishing tackle – not until now. We created EcoChoice to help anglers make sustainable decisions. Our EcoChoice products must adhere to several stringent processes before they are awarded inclusion into this category.


  1. Feed Regulation Compliant – Dynamite’s products are made from certified ingredients from responsible sources, meaning that their origin is easily traceable and they meet the high quality standards set for animal feed regulations.
  2. Recyclable packagingDynamite products are classed as animal feed, and they have to be packaged carefully. By using plastic, we ensure the products have years of shelf life. To reduce the environmental impact, the plastic we use is recyclable to make sure it can be reused.
  3. Minimized packagingWhile respecting the highest standards in packaging, we have minimized the amount of material used in packaging. Thus, in order to be EcoChoice-labeled, the packaging must consist of less than 20 % of the product’s gross weight.

These requirements will be continuously monitored, and we will keep raising the bar. By the end of 2022, about 22% of Dynamite’s products will carry the EcoChoice label.

Look for the EcoChoice trademark from the product or the packaging – it’s the sign of a responsible and conscious choice.

‘Dynamite’s drive to create new and innovative products has dominated the market for many years. Our challenge recently is not just to create advantageous products for the angler to use, but to ensure all these products are completely safe for the environment. We are now working hard to further improve our products, assuring our customers by purchasing the EcoChoice products, you’re helping to protect our planet’.


We have also committed to a profit sacrifice to an environmental charity for every bag of EcoChoice product sold, ensuring you the angler knows the good that your decision has made. We will have updates on how the money is used in the news area below.

To read more about EcoChoice trademark and Rapala VMC sustainability, please visit www.rapalavmc.com/sustainability

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