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24 iulie, 2023 | Angler Blogs | Carp

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Kristof Cuderman: My Dream Trip to the UK

Globe-trotting big carp hunter Kristof Cuderman reflects on a memorable trip to the UK where he banked a crazy 30kg-plus carp followed by some ancient specimens from an old Essex Lake…


Kristof Says…

Most of you reading this will already know that the 10 days I recently spent fishing in the UK was a proper roller coaster. In the end, I’m so thankful everything came to a happy ending!

The story about the capture of a massive 69lb 12oz carp is one I think you all already know about because it was all over social media. If not, you can read about it here.

Alongside the capture of this fish during my first week in the UK, I also caught some other incredible carp. Despite the fact that it was spawning week for most of the carp, I managed to catch seven beautiful fish of which the second biggest was a mirror of 20.9 kg (46lb 1oz).

Not only did the spawning make fishing difficult, but the numerous ducks on the water I was fishing was also a pain as they could dive up to 4m deep! You guys have some kind of submarine ducks here in the UK! Not only were they eating my bait but they were also scaring the carp.

I was really happy at the end of the first week fishing though. It was my first fishing trip to the UK so I didn’t know what I could expect, but the carp looked great, the natural habitat was lovely and the friendly people made it even more special.

The second half of my trip was a short three-day session on a proper difficult venue in Essex. My goal was just to catch a fish from this very special lake which is completely covered with weed.

Most of the fish are very old and they’ve seen all kinds of tricks from many great anglers in their time, so it was a really big challenge for me.

I tried to find small clean spots in the weed where I could put my rigs and thankfully, my tactics and bait were perfect and I managed to catch three fish which I’m told were some of the most sought-after in the lake! All fish were older than 40 years too.

It was a really special feeling and privilege to have the chance to caught and held them in my hands. The weights of these went 38lb 1oz, 39lb 7oz and 41lb 3oz.

On both sessions I used different sizes of the Source and Monster Tiger boilies. Most of the fish I caught with wafters but some were also on small snowman with a combination of 15mm bottom baits and 10mm pop ups. For feeding I also used a mix of Dynamite pellets.

Tight lines – Kristof

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