Dynamite Baits

27 juni, 2018 | Carp | News

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A quick look at Dynamite catches sent into us from anglers across the globe…



Masayuki Aono caught this colorful stunner using our Hot Fish & GLM baits fished over our new Frenzied Krill Pulses and Particles from a small lake in Gunma Prefecture.

japanes carp caught on the source


Czech Republic

Radek Bis used our Pineapple & Banana Fluro pop-ups to snare this awesome 24.3kg common from the Czech Union Water. Read the report here

Radek bis czech best on dynamite pop-up



Kay Stolk used CompleX-T and targeted a hard lake, banking this 23kg beauty

kay stolk 23kg carp on complex-t boilies



Italian carping maestro, Thomas Santandrea, used Source boilies to tempt this stunning 40lb mirror from a large water.

thomas santandrea 40lb slovenia carp on the source


Carp catching machine Emir Caro tried out CompleX-T and bagged this 24kg monster from his regular water

emir caro complex-t caught mirror carp

Kristof Cuderman on tour from Slovenia banked this stunning Koi using a Squid & Octopus 20mm boilie

kristof cuderman koi squid and octopus



Patryk Taterski, netted three carp over 16kg including this 25.7kg stunner caught using Monster Tiger Nut boilies and Mulberry pop-ups.

poland fishing for carp monster tiger nut



Frank Grandos fished Ruidera Lake with CompleX-T and banked this stunner

frank granados complex-t common carp

Carlitos Mateo fished a Spanish river and caught this chunk of a common using a Crave pop-up

carlitos mateo common caught on the Crave from a river


Other notable catches…


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