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21 február, 2018 | Carp | Match & Coarse | Hírek

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Bait  flavouring guru Archie Braddock has teamed up with Dynamite to add some additional expertise and experience to our product development with the aim of producing some incredible new baits.

The all-rounder has caught some truly stunning fish since he began fishing more than half a century ago. This is his story….


„For those who don’t know of me, I’ve been around a long time. I’ve fished non-stop, summer and winter for upwards of 65 years, and I’m still going strong. Last winter I sat out in the dark, the frost, and the rain, several evenings a week trying for that elusive giant barbel or chub. In the summer I change the heavy rods, bolt rigs and alarms and head to the rivers using a long rod and stick float approach, plus a second rod on a static bait hoping for a big perch, zander, or pike.

Archie is well known for his big fish catching exploits


Over all those years I’ve successfully targeted just about every species of British coarse fish. In the sixties, and again in the nineties, I concentrated mainly on carp and it was this that triggered my interest in flavours and additives. Not just for carp but for tench, bream and roach too. Success with this led to me writing ‘Fantastic Feeder Fishing’ the first book on flavours for fish other than carp. As my knowledge increased I found that I could create my own very successful flavours, and that in turn led me to bring them to market so other anglers could benefit. My aim was to establish a cottage industry type of business, a hobby, supplying anglers via the post.

The business immediately took off, with orders coming in from all over the country. Which would have been great 30 years prior but I was already in my fifties and running a busy entertainment agency. It meant that my wife Shirley and I spent every spare moment filling tubs and bottles, trying to keep up with demand. Our lives were swamped so eventually I made the decision to wind the business down. This I did, retirement came along, and I settled down to a life of regular fishing, with a good stock of my own flavours to go at.



Several years passed then along came Mark Baker, a keen match angler desperate to see if I could supply him with Pungent Surprise, his ‘secret’ edge to keep him in the frame. It turned out he was actually the Product Development manager at Dynamite Baits, and after a little correspondence he soon asked me if I would be interested in sharing some of my bait knowledge. I was undecided at first, but after a trip to their production facility I found myself very impressed. This is a business run by knowledgeable anglers including Daryl, Head of Marketing who catches scores of barbel on the nearby River Trent every year using the float, with a best of 13½ lbs. This, along with the quality materials Dynamite use in their bait, was the final decider for me. Also, I would be more than happy that all my experience gathered over the years would be carried forward by Dynamite, not lost as time goes by. So now I am on the team of official Dynamite consultants, but I won’t be claiming their products are responsible for every fish I catch; I shall simply tell it like it is. I see my role as using my knowledge to help supplement the excellent Dynamite range, and in particular to assist in creating new flavours, as well as perhaps re-creating my original big sellers.

I believed that it was possible to produce flavours that could attract any individual species, and I proved that by introducing pike, perch, and zander attractors among others: so who knows where Dynamite and myself will eventually go. Meanwhile I shall write regular updates to this column, covering rigs, catches, and of course bait which you can see on here. Watch this space….


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