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26 März, 2021 | Karpfen | Artikel

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Krištof Cuderman’s Top 7 Koi Carp Catches!

Globe-trotting carper Kristof Cuderman is mostly known for his catches of monster fish and is a world record holder for netting carp over 70lb from seven different countries! Whilst these fish are impressive, Kristof has also banked a series of smaller carp during his travels including a selection of stunning kois. Here, the Slovenian shares his top seven koi carp catches from the last decade…

Kristof says…

Big carp are the target of most of my sessions but over the years I’ve managed to catch some smaller, special looking carp as well. There have been some stunning linears, leathers and fully-scalled mirrors, but arguably the best-looking ones have been kois. In this article I would like to share with you my top 7 koi carp catches, which I’ve managed to record over the last 10 years.

Now, most people would love to catch a koi but in general I’ve found it’s more difficult to catch them than a normal carp. If I had to choose my favourite bait for koi carp though, I would definitely go for the Robin Red range. For me, the most successful bait combination were 15mm Robin Red boilies fished alongside the matching 8mm pellets…

So without further ado, here are my top 7 koi catches:

1. 11.4kg (25lb) from Germany, 2018

2. 11kg (24lb) koi from Austria, 2012

3. 12.3kg (27lb) koi from Slovenia, 2018

4. 8.5kg (18lb) koi from Austria, 2012

5. 11kg (24lb) koi from Austria, 2011

6. 10kg (22lb) koi from Austria, 2015

7. 10.2kg (22lb) koi from Germany, 2019


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