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Blickfang 23.3kg

23.3kg common banked by Carlitos Gomez

Blickfang 58lb

Rob Hughes Bags Big Common After Joining Dynamite

Blickfang 52lb

Jan Ulak with one of the 'A-Team' at 52lb


An absolute minter from Richie Leat


Ash Bailey with a chunk on a Monster Tigernut pop-up over matching boilies

Blickfang 88LB 8OZ

Krištof Cuderman adds to his collection of huge fish

Blickfang 44LB 3OZ

Thomas Cywka with a 44lb 3oz mirror on a Red-Amo pop-up

Blickfang 54LB

Alex Hager does the business in Austria on The Source

Blickfang 56LB 8OZ

CompleX-T lands David Beech a stunning new PB

Blickfang 34LB

Joe Lewthwaite's Autumn stunner on a Tigernut Fluro Pop-up

Blickfang 44LB 2OZ

Monster Tiger Nut boilies helped Joe Lewthwaite nail his target fish


Stunner from Ash Bailey on a Monster Tigernut pop-up


Two 14mm Dynamite Snails tempts chunk for Kasia Kozłowska


Ash Bailey with the best of 2 30's from an overnighter


Beautiful Golden common for Frank Granados on Robin Red

Blickfang 41LB

Complex-T does the job for Steve Reed

Blickfang 38LB

A 38lb common for Jason Mooney taken on Complex-T

Blickfang 48LB

 Ben Sharp with another lump from France on Tigernut and Red-Amo


Lee Howard with a brace of 30's on Complex-T


Dan Cleary's big mirror on The Crave

Blickfang 38LB

Paul Codman with an absolute beauty at 38lb


"The One" from Kingsmead 1 for Ross Ryder

Blickfang 52LB

Alex Hager's 52lb common on 20mm Complex-T boilie


Ashley James' beautiful scaly mirror, taken on Tiger Nut boilie

Blickfang 37LB 8OZ

Paul Codman's early morning mirror on a Complex-T Fluro

Blickfang 37LB 8OZ

Ross Ryder with a stunning 37lb 8oz Horton mirror

Blickfang 73LB 12OZ

Tigernut and Red-Amo boilies do the business for Ben Sharp

Blickfang 50LB 2OZ

Unbelievable UK Common for Tony Gibson on Complex-T

Blickfang 75LB

Huge Common for Thomas Cywka at Rainbow lakes


One from a brace of 30lb commons for Paul Codman

Blickfang 40LB 12OZ

A new UK PB for Jason Mooney


Russell Crisci with an immaculate common on a Complex-T Fluro Pop-up

Blickfang 56lb 2oz

Ben Cooper stunning La Horre mirror on Crave & CompleX-T

Blickfang 26lb 4oz

Angel Bonal with stunning mirror on a Red-Amo corkball pop-up


Keith Standley with an early morning common on CompleX-T

Blickfang 63lb

Terry Hearn with The Parrot at 63lb

Blickfang 49lb 9oz

Eduardo Zancada new PB mirror

Blickfang 41lb

Eduardo Zancada with an old warrior of 41lb

Blickfang 38lb

Richie Leat with a 38lb mirror on CompleX-T

Blickfang 30lb 8oz

Olly Mather with a 30lb 6oz common

Blickfang 25lb 15oz

Michael Stewart 26lb 15oz zip linear

Blickfang 38lb 10oz

Matt Povey with his new PB of 38lb 10oz


Markus Rosenberger on White Chocolate

Blickfang 52lb

Kristof Cuderman with a 52lb winter common

Blickfang 42lb 5oz

Angel Bonal 42lb 5oz mirror

Blickfang 11lb 7oz

David Spence with an 11lb 7oz barbel

Blickfang 10lb 14oz

David Spence 10lb 14oz barbel

Blickfang 14lb 3oz

Tony Gibson 14lb 3oz bream

Blickfang 6lb 2oz

Tony Gibson with a 6lb 2oz river Nene chub

Blickfang 9lb 3oz

Tony Gibson with a cracking 9lb 3oz male tench

Blickfang 11lb 11oz

Tony Gibson with an 11lb 11oz River Nene barbel

Blickfang 39lb 40z

Ashley James with a new PB

Blickfang 60lb 4oz

Iain Macmillan PB common 60lb 4oz

Blickfang 68lb

Iain Macmillan PB mirror at 68lb

Blickfang 44lb 8oz

Peter Kingsbury 44lb 8oz PB common

Blickfang 26.5kg

Patrick Bauwens 26.5kg

Blickfang 39.8kg

Kristof Cuderman with Erna at 39.8kg

Blickfang 27.5kg

Peter Kuppens - 27.5kg

Blickfang 67lb

Kristof Cuderman - 67lb

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