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10 April, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Matt Povey: My First Visit to Lac Du Der

Dynamite and Carp Spirit angler Matt Povey recalls his first ever trip to France’s Lac Du Der where he and his friends banked a string of carp to nearly 50lb in weight!

Matt says: 

So I’ve just got home from my first trip to Lac Du Der where I had an amazing time fishing with some friends. The whole place was simply phenomenal!

We had peg 35 on the south basin which was perfect for the big South West winds that had battered us all week. We started by catching fish at very long range which involved a lot of boat work but soon realised we could fish the day zone area and maximise our bites for the week from the same zone we were getting our fish from.

We were boating our rigs out between 100 and 150 yards range to an old river bed and caught fish from depths of 16ft to 21ft deep – either side of the river bed.

20mm Monster Tiger Nut bottom baits topped with 15mm pop up hookbaits presented snowman style over small amounts of free offerings got us 30 bites between us in a week.

The mix comprised of MTN 15mm whole freezer baits, chops and crumb, Frenzied Hempseed, maize, tiger nuts, Frenzied Caster ground baits and loads of Worm Liquid to form a cloud as it fell through the water column to help give a visual to lower the hookbaits over in a big wind.

Rigs comprised of size 2 Carp Spirit Razor Point Boilie Beaked Hooks attached to 14 inches of 25lb combi soft hooklink fished ‘slip D” rig style and 10oz leads fished on lead clips on 45lb gravity leadcore.

I personally landed 11 fish comprising of:

2 x doubles

4 x 20’s up to 29lb 14oz

4 x 30’s up to 36lb 8oz including a very rare 31lb 10oz mirror

1 x 40 at 48lb

My fishing partner for the week also landed 16 fish to 48lb 10oz so it was a fantastic week for everyone involved!



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