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1 May, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles | News


Matt Povey Banks Lake’s Biggest Common!

Dynamite-backed angler also adds impressive 33lb 14oz mirror to his tally in an epic overnight session to remember!

Matt Says…

Last week I fished a work overnighter and had an absolute red letter session.

I arrived at the lake after work at around 6pm and watched the water for ten minutes before noticing my marker stick in the lake shaking as fish flanked against it showing me that there were fish in the area. Conveniently I was in the car park swim which was handy for the early pack up for work!

3 rods were fished very tight at 75 yards range on Ronnie rigs with Yellow Hit N Run pop-ups over 20 Spombs of MTN boilie and some MTN pellets. Before I could actually get any bait in the water over my rigs, I had the first bite while I was setting the bobbin which resulted in a hard fighting old mirror of 33lb 14oz. Result!

As soon as i returned the fish my second rod was away but unfortunately the hook pulled close in. I re-did both rods and I was only going to put out 5/6 Spombs over the top initially but with the fast action and numbers of fish in situ I figured I’d feed them a little more so upped it to 20.

At 11.30pm I had a slow and steady take from a fish that flat rodded me that I initially couldn’t stop! After a slow, heavy dogged fight, I soon saw that it was the lake’s biggest common. Certainly not the prettiest but a real character and one that I was very glad to meet. It went 40lb 12oz on the scales and after a few quick self takes on a dying camera, i slipped it back before trying to get my head down for work…or so I thought.

At 2.30am my right hand rod ripped off and I was into a much more lively fish. This was a much shorter battle and a lot more chaotic but in the net it went – a lovely low 20 mirror. Due to my camera being dead she went back without a picture.

Red letter sessions don’t come around like that very often and made the 6am pack up before work all worth it!

– Matt


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