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29 November, 2023 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Ian Russell’s Diary November 2023: Frimley Pit 3 Success!

Ian Russell catches up on another month of fishing which, despite being incredibly wet and windy, produced a number of impressive fish including two very special carp from Frimley Pit 3. Here’s what Ian had to say…

Ian says…

It seems every time I looked to go fishing in November the heavens would open and pour for days. However, a few of us had booked the Farm Lake in France for a week so off we went.

Matty was my co-pilot and off we set. It was firstly nice to bump into my ole mate Danny Fairbrass and Tom Stokes at the train terminal before boarding the train. Soon enough we all arrived at a very wet and windy Farm Lake and we set about getting the swim draw underway.

Kitchen sink and all that!

With no info on the lake at all, we were going on a wing and a prayer so myself and Matty picked the far end behind the wind. What we didn’t know was that this end was predominately shallow and 10 carp had come from the deeper water at the lodge end during the weeks leading up to our trip.

To be fair we could have moved and squeezed into that end but not without affecting other anglers fishing and because I’m a tad older and have morals, that was just not an option. So we spent 6 days getting soaked and seeing very very little to go on..

On the fifth night at 10pm, in sheer disbelief I found myself bobbing around 150 yards out in gale force wind and pouring rain playing what was to be be our only carp of the trip. The other end by now had produced about eight carp to 69lb.

A 32lb consolation prize

So on Friday morning we decided to cut our losses and sod off home. Everything was soaked and caped in mud but literally slung in the van and off home we went after saying our goodbyes to the lads.

My next trip was to be on Frimley’s Pit 3 with a chap called Gaz who had amazingly donated £1000 to spend 48-hours with me – all of which went to a Hospice Charity that Frimley Pits owner’s Mark and Lorraine support every year.

Again, a wet and windy few days lay ahead of us but we had a wander round and selected a couple of swims next to each other.

Gaz had obvious swim choice and selected the Gravelly and I set up next door in the Stick. Our areas for bait placement were selected and out went some corn and 12mm Monster Tiger Nut with my new 12mm Choccy Malt and Sweet Spice pop ups over the top.

Other than yet again getting soaked whilst setting up, nothing happened and nowt was seen that first day but at 2:30am my RH rod picked up a 31lb 8oz common. Getting Gaz up and pics done, she was returned within minutes.

Morning came with heavy cloud and at 10:30am the same RH rod was away again and after an intense battle in the lily pads down my LH margin, the Small Football Fully was scooped up by Gaz and at 33lb 10oz I was over the moon.

I had first met this one some 20 years ago when I was concentrating on pit 3 at 24lb!

With baiting up, we followed the same routine as the day before and crossed our fingers that Gaz had some action as well. Mark the owner treated us to Cod and Chips that evening and between us we put the world to rights.

The night was quiet but at 8am the same RH rod produced a mint 28lb mirror for me – How’s that eh? A common, a mirror and a fully scaled lol. We had to be away about midday to get the railway crossing in time and as I was starting to pack down, the LH rod rocketed away.

This was entirely different gravy and held its ground for ages. When it eventually rolled into the net we could see why. It was a bloody great big common of which Frimley is famous for.

We hoisted her up and recorded 41lb 4oz – what a way to end our trip!

Unfortunately Gaz never had a result but this was fishing for bigguns and that is sometimes how it goes. Thanks again to Gaz for his contribution and thank you to Mark and Lorraine for the venue.

No rest for the wicked and all that, I was soon on my way to deepest darkest Essex for a 48hour guest session with a close friend of mine – Lee Johnson.

His Syndicate was our venue and what a beautifully small, quiet place it is. After a couple of laps we settled into neighbouring swims and got set up. I desperately needed a couple of hours kip so Lee left me too it.

On awakening, Lee said that the little swim to my left had a bit of bubbling going on in it so I as quick as possible, I had a single rod moved with the aid of my Bushwhacker pole placed silently in amongst what was obviously a group of carp.

All remained quiet until 8am the next morning when this rod whizzed away and I popped my head around Lee’s bivvy door grinning from ear to ear informing him that I had bagged a mirror due to his advice.

At 25lb and ounces I was doubly pleased.

That’ll do – and from Lee’s back garden!

That turned out to be the lake’s only take of the weekend but I had really enjoyed spending time with a great friend.

That folks, as I sit here tapping away, is my November angling done! As for tomorrow, the 2x spare bedrooms require some re-decoration before the Xmas Decs come down from the loft for their annual holiday LOL.

Tight lines till next time – Ian Russell

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