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2 July, 2024 | Carp | Angler Blogs | Articles


Ian Russell’s Diary June 2024: Trent View Fishery Comes Good!

In June’s Diary entry, Ian Russell talks us through his filming trip to Nottinghamshire’s Trent View Fishery followed by a successful couple of days on a 2-acre private lake!

Ian says…

First up for June was a long old drive up to Trent View Fishery for filming of the next Carp Pursuit episode with James Barry.

I’d not really met James other than passing in the offices at Dynamite Baits HQ but it didn’t take long to see he has the same warped sense of humour I have so I knew this trip would be fun.

We had Stevie Coe on camera and initially set up in the shallowest part of the lake. Not knowing much about the place I was being totally guided by the guys. Bearing in mind, we needed 3 x swims adjacent to each other for work purposes which is difficult to say the least.

It didn’t take long to realise we were at completely the wrong end of the lake as we sat and watched multiple shows up the far end. However, all the pegs at that end were occupied until the next morning.

Now being hyperactive, I was literally dying of boredom but we did shoot some product stuff and early the following morning, James did manage a low double mirror. Whilst shooting some footage referring to the bait, 3x EA representative’s turned up to check our licences and we did have an interesting half hour chat about all things fishy.

As they wandered off we broke camp as fast as possible because we heard 3x pegs right at the far end were just being vacated.

Now I’m a past master at breaking camp so was the first to arrive in the new area and dropped my kit in the very end swim. There were carp jumping everywhere so as you can imagine the mood lifted somewhat.

Not one to hang around, I knocked up a couple of solid bags filled with my usual 3mm Halibut Pellets and CompleX-T pellets with a very short Ronnie Rig held up by a 12mm Ian Russell Super Stench pop up.

I knew this was a very deep area so filled a small bowl with Halibut oil to pre soak the solid bag in which will protect the PVA long enough for it to make the lake bed. This obviously worked as within 10 minutes I was away – hallelujah!

The fish stayed down in the deeps for ages before James scooped up a lovely heavy-scaled Mid-20 mirror. This was more like it!

I then cast another bag straight out whilst the carp rested in the net for 5 mins. Within the hour I was away again with an even bigger mirror and so it continued for me – random bites until darkness then all went quiet.

As James had not joined in the party yet, in the early morning I packed away so as he could get in the area. I was off about 9 and was very pleased to receive a call from him mid journey home saying he to had bagged a couple.

You’ll be able to watch this on the Dynamite YouTube channel very soon!

I had an Open Day the following Saturday at one of my favourite places to visit as I have a lot of happy memories of Hayling Island so a visit to Mick’s Tackle is a pleasant one for various reasons.

The day was awesome as ever with Mick and his staff – the banter flies all day as well as the sandwiches!

The Monday saw me taking up a very kind offer from a mate of mine – Dean – to fish a couple of days on his own very private lake which is around 2-acres in size.

The likes of Dave Levy, Tom Dove and Darryl Peck had all visited prior to my trip and with carp to 40lb-plus present, I could not wait.

Joining me was a very good friend of mine and Outlaw Pro employee Mark Taz. We chose to split the lake in 2 with Mark taking the far end and me the near end. This made perfect sense to us.

I had brought along my little Ridgemonkey Bait Boat as not to spook the carp to much in the far shallow margin area I was to target.

Using a mix of CompleX-T pellets with a sprinkling of dead maggots and 12mm Choccy Malt pop ups on the rigs, both rods were soon on the spots I was happy with and at 2pm my left rod tore off and with Dean at my side, I soon bundled a large fully scaled mirror into the waiting net.

At 33lb and called ‘Queenie’, we were all over the moon.

As we returned her Mark received a take and a 27lb mirror was held up for the cameras. In our 48-hours I managed 10 bites and loosing one to a hook pull.

A lone Tench and 8 carp topped by a 35lb common.


It was so lovely to fish not only with a very good friend but in complete privacy which is the polar opposite of my usual angling.

We soon waved goodbye to Dean and his lovely finer half Karen and could not thank them enough for an amazing couple of days. Then reality returns and another shop day at Bodle Angling Centre was on the cards.

We were set up next to another great friend of mine in Lewis Porter so you can imagine the fun and laughter enjoyed throughout the day and with nearly 600 people through the doors, it was an amazing day for all involved.

I have just returned from my monthly Total carp Trouble Shooter Feature and this month saw us on Swan Valley Lake.

I do really love this place as it’s a proper carp lake in my opinion. However, with 30 degrees heat it was a struggle to say the least but an early morning flurry of bites saw us pull it together.

Make sure you check it out in Total Carp.

Well, tomorrow I’m off to Horseshoe Lake which I have not fished since the ‘Fish with The Stars’ event many, many years ago. This weekend is the Celebration of Carp event and I’m chuffed to be representing Dynamite Baits.

Keep you Posted!

Tight Lines,

-Ian Russell

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