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13 September, 2018 | Carp | Articles | News


Monster Tiger Nut continues to prove its capability of catching some of Europe’s biggest carp following the landing of a gigantic 59lb specimen from a UK stillwater.

Michael Ruthven achieved what most UK carpers can only dream of when he banked the monster mirror at 59lb 8oz during a session at Holme Fen Fisheries in Cambridgeshire.

The giant specimen, one of the biggest carp in Britain, set a new PB for Michael and is his second UK fifty of the year following the capture of a 52lb 2oz mirror from a different water earlier in the summer.


michael ruthven monster tiger nut holme fen 50


Here Michael gives a day by day account of his five day session…

On arrival we all walked around the chosen lake – Meadows, before meeting Martin and Mike the owners for the draw at 11 am. Excitement was running high in anticipation of an epic weeks fishing with great friends, good food a few laughs and the possibility of some massive carp! I came out last on the draw which concerned me slightly as I had a good idea of were I wanted to be but felt unlikely to be able to get one of the swims I preferred. After everyone had chosen their swims I opted for a swim called the “lookout” it gave me access to the main body of the lake which I wanted to fish.

lookout swim at holme fen fishery

The Lookout Swim at the prolific Holme Fen Fishery


On arriving at the swim I proceeded to get all the kit sorted. I had made my spod mix the day before consisting of a jar of Frenzied Hemp, a can of Frenzied Tiger Nuts, a kilo of XL Corn and 15, 18 and 20mm Dynamite Monster Tiger Nut boilies. I then proceeded to spod 90% of a large bucket out to a spot at around 90 yards out.

My left hand rod had a Monster Tiger Nut wafter on and I cast this to just on the edge of the spot. My second rod was sent out to the middle as far as I could cast on a single Dynamite Mulberry Florentine pop-up, balanced with shot to make it just sink under the weight of the hook. Finally my right hand rod was positioned just on the entrance to a large bay on my right, were I expected the carp could come in and out and hopefully visit this marginal spot. I decided to bait this with 5kg of mixed sizes of Monster Tiger Nut boilies, which was in easy catapult range. This rod was also on a balanced Monster Tiger Nut pop-up. My rigs consisted of between 6 to 9 inch of fluorocarbon connected to a size 6 korda wide gape hook.


The weather was not great for us with high pressure and bright sunshine. Two friends fishing the shallows around the islands caught a mid twenty and a thirty five quite quickly. That day passed uneventful for myself but we did have a good bbq that evening and went to bed early.



The next day was very quite on the fish front and I did not see many fish show,the pressure was still high and the sun was still hot.



It was predicted that a rain front would come in and the pressure would drop which could send them on the feed! I decided to reel my rods in and take a walk around the lake to see my friends stretch my legs and call in at the shower block for a well needed wash. I returned back to my swim just as the rain was starting and I noted that the fish had began to show in the middle of the lake. Sending my middle rod long with about a kilo of bait and changing to a balanced Monster Tiger Nut pop up on a new rig, I sat on my hands with great expectation.

My left rod on the baited spot let out a couple of beeps from my bite alarm. A few moments later it melted off giving me my first fish of the week . An uneventful battle occurred and it was quickly in my net. It was a mid twenty common and I was off the mark (praise be). I then topped up the spot with another two kilos of bait and rebaited my rod.


holme fen carp fishing

Michael’s mid-twenty common

A few hours passed and my middle rod slightly further out started to get liners, at this point I set up my camera which were videoing my rods. Ten minutes later a few more bleeps occurred followed by a one toner, I was on my rod in a flash, straight away I new it was a larger fish, it felt heavy and slow.

I would walk the rod back while reeling in whilst I walked forward, it was at range and took some time to gain line, at one point I felt it grating on some weed whilst walking back and keeping pressure on it I eventually moved it through the weed bed, a heart stopping moment! At about thirty yards out I saw it break the surface it was at this point I knew it was a good fish. My good friend Alan was close at hand, thankfully he had put on his wadders, grabbed my net and entered the water.

The fish’s head rose to the surface and took a gulp of air, I now knew it was nearly ready for netting. It went on a couple of short runs, my heart was pounding. It was now moving towards the net, wanting to keep it on a longish line I told Alan I would walk it back if Alan could net it. Hearing Al say “its in”, was such a relief.

I then realised that the whole battle was on video, grabbing the camera I walked down to look into the net to see the fish and realised to my astonishment it was gigantic. At this point my legs were trembling, my heart was pounding ,my thoughts were racing. Thankfully Alan sorted the mat, sling and scales for the weighing and photos. The carp was massive at 59lbs 8oz, and a struggle to hold up in the water at that weight. Once the photos were taken I released the fish which swam off strongly. I recast the rod and baited up but the rest of the day was uneventful.



After not sleeping very well due to the excitement from the day before I was up early and watching the water, I only saw a few carp show the opposite side of the lake. Other than a great Thai green curry and brown rice the day passed without any further carp. However it was a great day of reflection, and I was still buzzing from the day before.



Home day , I slowly packed down and sorted my gear before saying good bye to friends and heading home. What a trip!!

Check out Michael’s Vlog on the session…

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