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29 June, 2018 | Carp | News


Monster Tiger Nut helped Michael Ruthven achieve a lifelong dream when he banked his first UK fifty.

The incredible specimen tipped the scales at 52lb 2oz and was tempted by Mike during an overnight session from an undisclosed private syndicate water.

ruthven uk 50 on monster tiger nut

Black Spot was banked by Michael using a Monster Tiger Nut pop-up

Mike began his session by baiting two spots with 20mm shelflife Monster Tiger Nut boilies, fishing two rods tight to weedbeds at close range and then a third rod at 85 yards to a gravel bar.

Using rigs consisting of a small section of stripped back braid as the hair followed by a stiff section down the shank and then tied to 7-8 inches of fluorocarbon with drop-off inline leads and size 6 wide gape hooks, the all-important take came just after first light and fell to Mike’s distance rod. He said:

“The take was very gentle with the alarm just letting off three consecutive beeps but when I saw the line rise-up in the water, I wound down into the fish. I had two weed beds to bring the fish over so I had to keep walking backwards and forwards, reeling in when moving towards the fish.

When I first saw the fish I thought it was around 30lb, then when my friend Dave netted it and I saw it covered in weed I thought it might be a little higher, so you can imagine my shock when he told me its a known fish and the biggest in the lake!

After slipping her back in quick time, I then celebrated with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and a cold can of beer.”

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