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15 March, 2019 | Carp | News


Dream French Carp Fishing Session on CompleX-T

French carp fishing trips don’t get much better than the one Jim Smith enjoyed after he banked a staggering five 50’s and four forties.

2lb 11oz Mirror - Crackers (8)

The Lincoln based angler visited the renowned Comptons Lakes in the Limousin, France, where he recorded the memorable catch using CompleX-T baits. Jim broke his PB no less than five times during the trip including the capture of a lake record carp known as Jupiter at an impressive 56lb 11oz! The arm-arching haul saw 16 fish being banked to a total weight of 651lb 2oz, averaging over 40lb per fish.


56lb 11oz Mirror - Jupiter (14)

Jims biggest fish – 56lb 11oz Jupiter and a new lake record!


Instead of settling down in one swim for his week long trip, Jim decided to move swims on several occasions. Using a bait boat, Jim fed 10mm pellets, Frenzied Maize and loose CompleX-T boilies in different areas and fished either a single 20mm CompleX-T Hardened Hookbait over the top or a 15mm version tipped with a piece of maize.

His main rig he used was a standard hair rig on a size 4 long shank barbless hook, while a couple of fish came out on a blow back rig, again on a size 4 long shank barbless hook.

52lb 4oz Mirror - Marty (13)

Another 50 for Jim on CompleX-T

The weights were as follows in order of being caught:

53lb 2oz Mirror – The Tailor

15lb 3oz Common

47lb 6oz Mirror

52lb 4oz Mirror – Marty

52lb 11oz Mirror – Crackers

28lb 2oz Mirror – Jimbo

30lb 10oz Mirror – Chuckles

56lb 11oz Mirror – Jupiter – NEW LAKE RECORD

28lb 10oz Mirror

48lb 8oz Mirror – Jupiter’s Mate

30lb 14oz Mirror – The Pretty One

51lb 9oz Mirror

33lb 1oz Mirror

46lb 5oz Mirror

48lb 1oz Mirror

28lb Common

Check out the video of Jim’s catches here:

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