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25 July, 2019 | Carp | News


Cuderman and Robin Red Smash Austrian Carp Lake

Big carp catching machine, Cuderman bags several monster carp during hectic week


robin red austria carp kristof cuderman

The biggest fish from Kristof’s Austria trip took a 20mm Robin Red boilie with a 15mm Hit N Run pop-up


Kristof continues…

I visited a really good fishing venue in Austria for the first time last week. Me and my friend David headed to IG lake. Hot summer days are never easy for fishing as carp like to stay on the surface during the day time and therefore aren’t actively feeding.

The lake is known to be difficult for fishing and catching one carp per day is considered a really good result there. David and I managed to land 21 carp together in one week, my two biggest were 24,5 kg and 24,2 kg.

ig lake carp

Another one of the beauties from Kristof’s trip

This time I was using Robin Red and Squid & Octopus boilies. For feeding I mixed 15 and 20 mm Robin Red boilies with 8 and 12 mm Robin Red pellets. Along with Squid & Octopus I fed my swims with a mix of Frenzied Particles.

robin red and squid and octopus for austras IG lake

Kristoff’s successful choice of baits..

My biggest fish of the session was caught on Robin Red 20mm boilie and 15 mm Hit & Run pop-up.

ig lake carp fishing austria

IG Lake is a hard venue but with big rewards


cuderman ig lake austria carp

Another fish from the 21 fish haul



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