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20 October, 2023 | Carp | News | Catches


CompleX-T Snowman Rig Banks Matt Heath 41lb Common

2022/23 SAS winner Matt Heath shares the story behind the capture of an incredible common of 41lb using a CompleX-T snowman rig…

Matt says… 

After my last catch report from end of September I’ve been flogging the same horse in the same swim 3-4 nights a week and hauling nothing but bream, however, I was convinced the steady baiting would pay off as soon as the wind blew up a decent easterly right into the bay where I was situated.

Well, with this week forecasting big easterlies for most of it, I was back in the swim at 5:30pm Monday to have my first go. Although the wind had begun, the fishing was poor and sure enough I had a bleepless night.

Tuesday came and I was back in the swim for around 7pm and this time the wind was hacking in big-time! I sat awake until midnight listening for fish but heard nothing and by 6:00am I had just another bream to show for my efforts.

Whilst at work on the Wednesday I was thinking “one last try tonight” but I was no longer feeling the swim I was in. By this point the wind was now blowing 35mph easterly gusts and the air pressure dropped to 987mb but I couldn’t help but think I was in the wrong place.

I arrived back to the lake a little earlier that afternoon at 4:30pm, went straight to the bay and stood scratching my head although these conditions were what I’d been waiting for I just felt I was in for another blank!

After another look at the forecast, I noticed the wind was set to swing southerly at midnight so with slight hesitation, I opted to move to the north bank in a swim that had served me well in such conditions in years gone by.

After a quick lead about it was clear the spot I had in mid was good and I smashed out three kg of 18mm CompleX-T pre-soaked in the matching bait soak. Rushing to try and get my rigs placed before dark and before the big ass rain cloud I could see got nearer, I opted for size 6 straight points on a noodle rigs with a snowman presentation made up with 18mm CompleX-T bottom baits with 15mm white Hit N Run pop-ups on top.

I just got everything in place before the heavens opened!

At around 1am I was awoken by a flurry of bleeps… I could see she was out the clip so didn’t waste any time in bending into what turned out to be a fish known as the ‘Beady Eye Common’ at a mega weight of 41lb on the dot!

After a quick phone call to an absolute legend of a friend, he kindly got out of bed and came down to do the pics.

Over the moon is an understatement but no rest for the wicked as we have some more mega weather coming tomorrow night and I can’t wait to get back on the spot!

– Matt


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