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22 august, 2018 | Crap | Stiri

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Big fish catching machine Kristof Cuderman continued his quest to catch 70lb carp from as many different nations as possible with a carp fishing trip to Germany…

The Slovenian ace recently headed to a 10 hectare lake close to Straubing in Germany and recorded some memorable catches including fish to over 25kg. Scroll down to see how he got on..

kristof cuderman carp fishing in germany

One of the fish from Kristof’s German trip

Kristof said: „One of my goals is to catch a carp over 70 lb in Germany. I went there this year, to a lake I have never been to before. This time I went fishing alone and I was super excited for the trip. The lake is a beautiful old gravel pit, a home to some impressively big carp. The heaviest of them weighs around 37 kg.”

„The lake is down to 10 meters deep and is covered with weed in the shallow areas of 4 meters or less depth. It is the kind of lake I love the most. I fished two rods around 4 to 5 metres deep, on the verge of the weedy area. I set my third rod in the shallow water, approximately 1.5 metres deep. I found a clear spot in the weed and set my bait there. The water is so clear there I could easily see my rig and boilies at the bottom.” I used CompleX-T boilies and some Hi-Attract, Squid & Octopus boilies as feed along with a mix of Dynamite pop-ups on the hook.

„The first 30 hours were very successful as I managed to catch three carp up to 17 kg. One of them was a stunning 11,4 kg koi carp (pictured above). I sure wasn’t expecting to get zero takes in the following five days. But patience paid off and I landed in some nice carp in the last six days of the session. The final result was four carp over 20kg and setting my new German PB with a 25,3 kg cracker!

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