Dynamite Baits

17 octombrie, 2016 | Crap | Recomandari | Stiri

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I don’t know where my fishing would be without a bright Fluro. I literally use them at every single opportunity, whether it’s as a single, over bait, in a solid bag, in fact I reckon 90% of my angling is done with the little rascals.

On the colour spectrum I’ve played around with most, in fact some weeks/months they change due to the kind of mood I’m in. I remember a few years ago, I was using some massively over flavoured orange tutti-frutti cork balls, and I caught loads on them, all the stuff written over the years would indicate they were too strong, but I tend to let the carp tell me what they want to pick up.  The last couple of years has seen me change to a washed out pink, or a tried and tested white, and like I mentioned above, I think if you’re catching on a certain colour, that’s the one you’ll reach for first as your confident in it, we are all the same.

Pink Crave and White Source

Just recently I’ve used the pink Crave, and the White source, both from Dynamite obviously, again some circles would tell you not to use a fish based bait in the colder months, but as its only been fished as a single I feel its fine, and again I’m sure they see the bait before the actual smell hits them. As with most of my hook baits they are fished as a pop-up, I think this is even more paramount at this time of year to keep that hook & bait clear of any bottom debris from the trees and rotting weed.  Give them a go ASAP, I will guarantee it will get you bites from the off.

Iain Macmillan

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