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11 mai, 2018 | Crap | Recomandari | Articole

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If you want to keep those carp coming to the net this summer than you need to stay mobile, says Matt Povey.

Matt has been catching some stunning fish on his local specimen carp fishing syndicate recently by not being afraid to up sticks and move his gear. His last session on a new water saw him net several big fish after moving swims at least twice. Here Matt reveals how the session unfolded as well as giving some insight on how you can follow his advice…


matt povey stay mobile for carp success

One of Matt’s carp, caught by staying mobile


I arrived on Friday after work to a busy lake. Being a new member on my first session I had to start with very little prior information. Perhaps 10 to 12 anglers fairly well spread over 18 acres I opted to stay central for better observation over the lake. A big Northerly wind was blowing from right to left making spot finding very difficult. After leading around for a few casts there was very little of interest from what I could find so opted for a big flat silty/light weeded area at 50 yards out. 


Time to Move…

The night and early morning passed with no action and around 11 o’clock I received a call from a friend fishing up to my left nearer the windward end and told me to move up there due to the fish activity. After winding in and seeing it for myself it was a no brainier to move. We’ve all done it in the past, you arrive on your local lake on a Friday night with a pack of beer, set your bivvy up and stay there for a relaxing weekend and even when you arent catching its easy just to sleep it off and hope that something might just come along. However, I have learnt to keep active and work harder and you will reap the rewards. I quickly packed up and moved where the fish were, travelling as light as you possibly makes the whole process faster, lighter and easier and you are more likely to actually move when you need to.

Matt Povey staying mobile will help you locate the carp

Matt say’s that by avoiding taking unnecessary gear will help you move around more easily



After a few flicks with the marker rod I found a big silty area at 80 yards range with some light weed around. I opted for 3 hinge stiff rigs with Complex-T Foodbait pop-ups over the area. I feel when the fish have been awake for a while and are looking for food, my intention is to try and catch more than just  ”a quick bite” and I feel that food bait options over a baited area rather than high attraction baits work better for me (purely down to confidence).

I spodded eight spods of hemp, Complex-T Pellets, and Complex-T boilies and sat back watching the fish show. Knowing what to spod out for carp can be daunting but normally I’ll soak my boilies overnight in the hemp oil to saturate them as much as possible and add the pellets last to try and soak up the rest of the hemp oil. The biggest draw that hemp has about it is the oil it gives off and I want all if it to get down to the lake bed and release as the boilies and pellets break down.

best bait for small and big barbel ompleX-T pellets and boilies

Matt likes using CompleX-T pellets in his spod mixes



An hour later my middle rod was away and I landed a 21lb common. Pictures done and carp released I recast the rod and topped up the swim with three more spods of bait. Only an hour later the right hand rod was away and I landed a mid double common in the heavy rain so I unhooked the fish and released her without any more stress of weighing and photography. From then onwards it went quiet through the night with the fish no longer showing themselves.


Time to Move Again…

Sunday morning arrived and it was clear to see a lot of the fish were held up in the middle of the lake. Come 12pm when a lot of people had left and some swims became available I packed down once again and moved onto them and cast three single high attract pop-ups at them (one Mulberry Florentine and two Pineapple and Banana) probably between 100 to 110 yards to where the fish were showing and sat back for an hour. In this scenario I am looking to try and get one last bite before going home so now I opt for high attraction baits as the hook bait is doing all the work for me. It was clear to see the fish backed off to the other side so I moved for the third time in order to be in with a chance.


I cast the same three rigs at them at probably 90 to 110 yards trying to cover a big area with my rigs. An hour later my left hand rod dropped back and I landed a stunning mid double mirror. With pictures done and the fish returned I left a happy man catching three carp on my first ever session at the lake. New waters can be daunting, especially when you have very little information to work with. By using your eyes and ears for location, the right baiting approach for the scenario and what your trying to achieve, results are there to be had from the word go.


matt povey mirror carp caught on fluro pop-up

One of Matt’s three carp caught after moving swims

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