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21 mai, 2018 | Crap | Stiri

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An angler from Essex experienced a carp fishing trip to France to remember when he banked a mammoth haul of original ‘Seine’ fish including five forties and a fifty.

james moor epic french carping trip on Complex-T

James with one of his ‘Seine’ whackers caught on CompleX-T

James Moor from Colchester, visited the magical 40-acre snagfest gravel pit in La Tombe on the Seine, a pit connected to the famous Paris river, where he banked an amazing 12 fish on CompleX-T baits.

James topped the haul with a stunning 54lb 5oz mirror caught on a Hardened Hookbait topped with fake corn.


James continues the story of his trip…

„I have walked this pit on several occasions in the past years and have been Always Intrigued in what it held and how to go around fishing it.

As a historic gravel pit linked to the Seine, it was known to me – through discussions with the owner- that there were original Seine fish in there that had grown on and captures had been recorded of 70lb plus commons. I was then lucky enough to be invited to fish the lake by the owner. What struck me was the fact there was only 4 swims available in a 40 acre water surrounded by an 8 meter canopy  of mixed deciduous trees- and over the years the marching had become a mixture of branches and root debris. Couple that with the area I chose to fish having a 60ft river barge wreck sunk in the margin with the stern and rudder being prominent from the canopy of trees hiding its size. It was here that I chose to fish my rods spread on clear spots to this far margin for a direct pull of 105 yds. Using a boat and prodding pole , I could ascertain the topography of the margin and feel for submerged snags.

I’ve seen the reaction of fish to the CompleX-T in local waters close by so I knew with confidence that these fish will switch onto it the same as I have watched the others do in the past so after finding the spots – I spread 3kg of CompleX-T around each spot and a mixture of matching pellet and frenzied Hemp. First night I settled knowing it usually takes a day or so for your spots to get going but true to form and a 48.8 old river strain fish was in the net- followed by a 41 mirror on another spot in the morning.


complex-t hardened hookbait

James opted for CompleX-T hardened hookbaits tipped with fake corn

These fish were bang on the bait but after a few hook pulls – I figured something was not right. Fishing my hardened hookers on blowback rigs – 4oz leads to 5ft of leadcore and 30ft braid leaders – gave me the confidence to really hook and hold – but the hook pulls were baffling me.

I realised that the fish must be feeding differently due to the hemp and pellet mix so I began introducing a lot of the 15mm and 20mm boilies on their own instead- This soon resulted in strong hookups and the confidence in fishing came back. The fish continued all week feeding on the CompleX-T – showing again that the bait is a ‘long term’ option with instant attraction.

They were venting out in the sling small pieces of the maize, hemp and rape seed in the boilie too. The session was such a memorable one – fishing locked up and holding onto fish up to 54lb – just showed me how we as Angler’s have to adapt to every situation and keep thinking about our approach every time we go fishing.

The faith I have in this bait is massive- to watch fish react to it and feed all week on different spots shows what a great bait this is. Coupled with the right technique I know I’m on for some great hits this year with some more exciting trips ahead of me.”


james moor complex-t caught 50

James and his CompleX-T caught 50

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