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17 noiembrie, 2017 | Crap | Articole | Stiri

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My last fishing session in Croatia was my most successful session ever.

Cold nights and surprisingly warm days for this time of the year made the carp behave very strangely in the first few days of the fishing session. My friend Srečko and I got the position that is known to be good for daytime fishing, as that is when you get most of the bites at this lake, it was very different this time around.

A stunning sky and the rods are ready


The bites were rare, and until the fifth day of the session, all were in the night. In the first five days the biggest fish for Srečko was a mirror of 26.4kg and mine was a 23.9kg.


A long 23.9kg Common


The 6th and 7th day brought us some smaller carp and Srečko managed to catch a mirror weighing 20.3kg. Srečko unfortunately had to go home after a week due to his work so I was left alone for the last two days of the session. I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams what was about to happen…


Srečko with his biggest from the session


The rain was literally pouring down constantly, apparently that was what brought me two amazing days of fishing. I caught three commons in the first night, 32.2kg, 27.3kg and 20.6kg.  Here I have to emphasize that at this lake, it is permitted to keep the fish in retention slings during the night for morning photos.

A 20.6 kg Common


Getting bigger….. A 27.3 kg Common



A huge 32.2kg deep bellied Common

With the carp of 32.2kg, I improved the current world record and added 6th country with a carp over 70 lb. The record breaking fish was caught on Hot fish & GLM 20mm + Hot fish & GLM 15mm Pop-up. (Hot Fish is available in Europe only)

The new Hot Fish range

The last day put the cherry on top of an amazing session.

A few minutes after 6am my rod screamed off, that rod had the same 20mm Red Amo Hardened hookbait in the water for more than 48 hours! After a 20 minute fight I landed a mirror that I immediately recognized.

It was my favourite mirror named Geronimo, in my opinion the most beautiful mirror of the lake.

The Stunning ‘Genronimo’

The scales went round to 37.1kg! My best session…..

Kristof Cuderman

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