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22 august, 2017 | Stationar | Articole | Stiri

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Matt Wiles reports on two summer festival victories, most recently in the 4 day event at Barford and earlier in the 3 day competition at Decoy Lakes…

Barford 4 day festival 2017

52 anglers rotating 4 lakes

Day 1

Matt Wiles

Another section win

I drew peg 32 Willow, not the favoured end of the lake for a match win but a fairer section. I started on a pellet feeder across to the far banks platform with a Match Mini using fishery micros and pinged a shallow line at 13m. I had a very slow first half of the match, as did everyone else in the section so I decided to feed the margins negatively rather than filling them in and toss potted fishery micros and Dynamite XL corn. This produced a late run of f1s that won me the section with 48lb with 44lb 40lb also in the section.

Day 2

Match lake peg 23 and a good average draw in the middle of the lake. I started on a pellet waggler pinging 8mms but not a sign. With the peg fizzing I decided to set up another rod quickly and caught 8 carp on a small pva bag where I had been pinging 8mms which was surprise as it’s 12′ deep! Luckily the last hour got me out of trouble catching 10 carp down the margin feeding Marine Halibut mixed with Green Swim Stim groundbait and fishing corn or worm on the hook. I finished the match with 119lb to win the section, lake and match.

Day 3

Colton peg 4, Colton is a long rectangle lake with old wise carp averaging 8lb and can be unpredictable to say the least!

I started on a little cut down balsa waggler with a XL 6mm in a band casting at cruising fish and had a great first hour catching 6 before they disappeared. I then fished a pellet feeder with fishery micros with some Green Swim Stim mixed in, alternating different colour Match Minis before coming short on Meaty Bites to finish the match with 19 carp for 152lb with a section, lake and match win.

Top five

Day 4

Railway lake peg 46 and good peg on paper. It hasn’t produced for a long while but I have fished this lake a lot so was quite confident. Started on my faithful pellet feeder with micros and Green Swim Stim catching the odd f1 whilst feeding a shallow line at 13m with casters. I got pestered with roach on a banded caster so changed the hook bait to a 6mm Robin Red to avoid them, this worked a treat and I had a good run of f1s until I dropped back onto my feeder line to finish with some bigger carp in the last 30 minutes to end the match with 76lb and win the section making it 4 section wins and total weight of 395lb. This meant that I won the festival on weight with Adam Major coming second with 4 points and 339lb.

Decoy 3 day festival 2017

60 anglers rotating on 3 different lakes, 20 people per lake with 10 peg sections.

Day 1 of the Decoy festival and it was Willows 27 for me. This peg has a narrow channel in between two islands at around 20m so I decided to set up a method feeder using Dynamite 2mm Carp Pellets with a Match Mini dumbell in the band. I also set up a pellet waggler over the same line feeding 6mm pellets. I later decided to set up 16m with a long line so that I could swing it over to the reeds on the island, again pinging 6mm’s. The pole shallow against the reeds was my best line for the day and finished the match with 188lb for a section and lake win.

Day 2 and I’ve drawn peg 15 on Beastie, I was happy with this as it has a few options. I’ve started on a pellet feeder to the island whilst pinging a long pole line with Dynamite 4mm’s expecting to catch shallow later on,  I’ve caught a few on the pellet feeder, again using the pink Match Mini’s, before catching a few mid match on the deck on the line I had been pinging. I’ve finished the day down the edge which produced a few lumps, big potting 2mms and corn. At the all out I weighed 211lb which gave me a section win and 3rd on the lake.

Decoy Trophy & Prize

Day 3 and it was all to play for as there were a few others with good points. I had a bit of a nightmare start only catching one fish in the first 3 hours and trying all my lines twice over! It wasn’t looking hopeful but I managed to concentrate on my long line up my edge, feeding micros and dead reds as ground bait is not allowed at Decoy. This has given me a decent run of fish late on to finish the match with 93lb which was third in my section and lake.

I finished the festival on 5 points, which was just enough to win it!

Fellow Dynamite anglers Tom Edward and Stuart Bracey also framed.

Matt Wiles

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