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15 grudnia, 2017 | Karp | Artykuły | Połowy

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Dynamite’s Dave Williams has enjoyed a cracking year catching some stunning carp on the Yateley complex. Dave has mainly been using boilies and products from our Complex-T range of baits. The Hampshire angler reflects on his season…..


„Well what can I say! After a mental result in the spring  it seemed my luck was to continue on into the summer!”

So the fish had spawned on the match lake and I left the lake alone for a few weeks while the fish recovered and settled back down which also gave me the chance to catch up with my family and friends back home in Herefordshire. I obviously combined this with some fishing in the river wye whilst I was back and spent and enjoyable day catching chub along the stretch of river I grew up fishing. As fun as it was, Yateley was firmly on my mind and I was clucking to get back down there!

dave williams wye chub

Dave’s been fishing the River Wye for chub


Yateley Sessions….

My first trip back down the Match Lake involved me arriving and setting up in torrential rain. Fortunately my good friend Ryan was already down the lake and the swim I wanted to get in was free and right next door to him. I knew the spot from fishing this swim previously and proceeded to empty a bucket of 12mm Complex-T, hemp, corn and tiger nuts, doused in Garlic CSL. The rods were baited as usual with a balanced tiger on one and a Fluro Complex-T dumbell on the other, both critically balanced and looking sweet!

The rods went out ok given the windy weather but nevertheless I was still fishless when I woke the following day. I sat up watching the water for most of the morning and at about midday I wound in and re-did the rods properly. I spent most of the afternoon chatting with Ryan and couldn’t believe my misfortune when the bailiffs turned up at 8pm to do a rig check, classic!
I wound in, showed my barbless hooks to them and they carried on round the lake as I got the rods back out. Both went out and landed with a firm donk first time and I was certain I’d have a take through the night.

Then at about 9 o’clock my right hand rod melted off and after a spirited but short fight I could see Ryan had just netted a decent sized mirror for me as he was stood out in the lake just past the weed that choked the margins in front of my swim. He looked up at me and just smiled and said it was a mega one. Once it was on the mat I recognised it as the bum snag fish, another Yateley original and another 30! I couldn’t believe it, 6 bites for 2 originals and 4 30+ fish! Photos done I stood in the edge with her for about an hour making sure she was fully recovered and fighting fit before I let her go. Buzzing!

yateley originals 30lb plus

The Yateley Bum Snag Fish. A fine 30lb plus mirror caught on Complex-T boilies

I then lost what I think was a catfish at about 2am. Disgruntled but undefeated I got the rod back out just to lose another fish at 8am. Not good! Feeling my Chance had gone I half heartedly put my rod back out and sat back with a coffee cursing my luck. I was looking at my spot and to my disbelief several patches of fizzing could be seen springing up all over the area I had baited. Then the right hand rod again signalled a bite and I landed a clean upper double.

yateley upper double on COmplex T

An upper-double caught on a Fluro Complex-T dumbell


The Next Trip…..

The following week I ended up in a swim known as 'golf tees’. This swim gives you a lot of open water to fish and I found a nice silty patch at the bottom of a small gravelly hump. I baited the spot as usual and sat back feeling confident. During the night I had a small catfish and woke up again at first light to my right hand rod being pulled out the rests. For some reason my lead didn’t come off and I proceeded to lose a decent mirror in the weed just infront of me. Then the other rod signalled a twitchy take and I reeled in a massive bream. At 12lb and ounces it was a new PB for me and slightly made up for the lost carp moments before.

Ryan then turned up and decided to stick a rod out as well fishing out to the right of the swim with one rod and we sat up till the early hours chatting before falling asleep. Just like the previous morning I was woken by a take on the right hand rod and landed a nice mirror of about 25lb. Unfortunately it jumped straight back out the net without the hook in its mouth and wasn’t to be seen again. A session to forget that’s for sure!

Another 5 days of work endured and I was back on the lake in the rain fishing a swim called 'NF’s’. I’d never fished this swim before which resulted in me getting soaked trying to find a spot I was happy fishing. Eventually I did and the rods and obligatory bucket of bait went out and I fell asleep in just my joggers as the rest of my clothes dried out. I had a take at about 6am and landed another nice upper double mirror.

complext caught double

This upper double was caught on the NF swim

The Catches Keep Coming…..


My next trip down I found myself once again battling the crowds for a swim and ended up in a swim called split beach.. I quickly found a nice spot in the margin against some pads and another further out in a deep silty gully

The first night was uneventful and I spend all morning watching fish fizzing over my margin rod. Unbearably I had to wait until 6pm that evening for my first bite. It was a pretty little low 20 mirror and had fell foul of a orange complex t dumbbell fished in the margin rod.

fell foul of a orange complex t dumbbell fished in the margin rod

This fish fell foul of a orange CompleX-T Dumbell fished in the margins..

I rebaited and repositioned the rod and sat up most of the evening with Ryan drinking tea and talking all things carp related. Ryan had to be off early for work the next day and no sooner had he left I was hooked into another carp off the margin spot. This fish was a bit smaller at just under 17lb but was welcome none the less.



We were now into August. The lake was choked with weed and most of the clear spots were now covered in rotting bait and hadn’t been fed in for some time. I decided to start baiting a spot in the margins of one corner of the lake. Due to the weed a lot of people seemed to be avoiding this area which suited me perfectly. To get a rig in the spot I was prepping you had to wade about 30yds up the margin, ducking under all the trees and trying not to stop down the shelf as you were doing so. I baited this spot all August without fishing it until the last week of the month. I turned up after work and baited the margin spot before flicking both rods out into open water. This way I could see if the fish turned up in the morning before I disturbed it trying to get a rig out. I received no action through the night but there was fish bubbling showing in the margin spot. I waited until early afternoon before I put my rod out up the margin and I didn’t have to wait too long before I had a take. At about 10pm I landed a nice little mirror on the margin rod on a complex t dumbbell. I couldn’t get the rod back out safely in the dark so decided to put a couple of handfuls more bait on the spot and went back to sleep.

august mirror carp

a nice mirror caught on a Complex-T dumbell


The next trip down was the first week of September. I got back in the same swim as the previous week and instantly put a rod down the margin. The others was fished out in open water and both rods fished CompleX-T dumbells over a spread of hemp, tigers and 12mm CompleX-T boilies. That first morning saw me stumbling out of bed and stopping my rod being wrenched our the alarm. I landed my first carp of the trip off the margin spot and happily got some pictures with a dumpy 28lb mirror.

dumpy 28lb mirror on CompleX-T

A dumpy 28lb mirror caught on CompleX-T

The following 48hours were uneventful, not even seeing a fish in my water got me thinking about moving. I decided to stay and give the margin rod a other shot and it didn’t disappoint! On my third morning I landed an epic old looking 29lb common. I was made up!

dave williams yateley common

Dave’s Willams Yateley 29lb Common

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