Dynamite Baits

16 stycznia, 2017 | Karp | Nowości

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I first saw the CompleX-T whilst I was working with RK Leisure, it was the World Carp Classic UK Qualifier and Dynamite had a stand there. I was instantly impressed with the look and smell of the bait. A lovely natural colour and a subtle meaty/fishy aroma that just screamed a successful bait to me! I was given some to try next time I fished Wraysbury and I couldn’t wait!

The lake had been fishing relatively hard at that point and I was catching only 1 or 2 fish over the 3 nights I fished there every week. My first session out with the CompleX-T and I had 7 fish over the 3 nights. Result! I managed to get my hands of some more CompleX-T and over the next few weeks continued to out fish most other anglers on the lake at the time! The new bait was proving to be something very special!

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