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20 maart, 2022 | Match & Coarse | Angler Blogs | Tips

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Alex Dockerty’s Top 5 Tips for Feeder & Bomb Fishing on Commercials

After finishing second in the Feeder & Bomb League at Lindholme lakes, and with Spring just around the corner. Alex Dockerty runs us through his approach to rod and line fishing on commercials…

He Says:

“Having just finished a winter campaign of rod and line work on the ever popular Aero Feeder and Bomb league at Drennan lindholme lakes. I thought I’d share a few key tips and lessons I’ve learnt from the series:

Alex finished second in this years Feeder & Bomb League at Lindholme Lakes!

1) Give yourself an edge where fishery micros are concerned and use the pellet soaks to flavour and colour your pellets so they stand out from the crowd!

F1 Pellet Soak is Alex’s go to for vamping up fishery pellets!

2) When picking a hookbait for this style of feeder fishing, for me the only choice is a Washter or Wowser. Altering the colour in varying water clarities can bring you a few more bites. Or even once you’ve caught a few, change the colour to try and eek out those extra fish.

Wowsers and Washters offer different colours for different situations…

3) Be considerate when choosing the size of your hookbait and test to see how it behaves in the water. I do this by simply having an empty bait tub with a bit of water in, it allows me to ensure that the bait is sitting correctly!

When fishing for F1’s and an odd Carp, there is nothing that compares to the 5mm version in these… (Washters & Wowsers)

Don’t be scared to cast further than everyone else!

4) On the hardest of days incorporating groundbait to reduce the feed value of what you’re putting in your feeder can be a real edge. Couple this with an enticing cloud as the feeder falls, and it can help sneak a few extra bites when the going is tough. For F1’s I’d always opt for milled expander original and black swimstim mixed 50:50

Alex’s go to mix for when the “Going is tough!”…

5) Don’t be scared to loose feed! The noise and area created by this can help you prime a swim for late on in the session when the fish have a little feeding spell meaning you can often get a great run late on. As a general rule, my go to bait for this would be pellets should the venue be fishing well or if the conditions dictate that I can only feed these. However, if the fishing is tougher something like the XL Corn can be used as a stand out bait and offer a visual attraction as well!”

XL Corn offers extra attraction on those harder days…

Loosefeeding over your lines can be a great way of drawing in those extra fish!

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