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3 July, 2019 | Match & Coarse | Videos | Tips


*VIDEO* Nick Speed’s Five Commercial Match Fishing Tactics

In this series of five quick clips, match fishing ace, Nick Speed goes through each of his winning approaches for success on commercial venues from the short pole to the Method feeder.

Tactic 1: Short Pole

In this video:

  • Top rigs for the short pole
  • What, when and how much to feed
  • Where to fish the short pole
  • Top baits for short pole fishing


Tactic 2: Bomb and Pellet

In this video:

  • How to fish the bomb and pellet on commercials
  • How to feed the bomb line
  • What size pellets to use
  • Rigs and tackle
  • How often to cast the bomb


Tactic 3: Pellet Waggler

In this video:

  • How to fish the pellet waggler
  • What float to use
  • How often to cast
  • What size pellets to use
  • Line diameter for pellet waggler fishing
  • Where to cast the pellet waggler


Tactic 4: Method Feeder

In this video:

  • Method feeder fishing tips
  • How to get the right mix for the Method
  • Top hookbaits
  • Picking the right size feeder
  • Where and how often to cast


Tactic 5: Margin Fishing

In this video:

  • Top tips for fishing down the edge
  • The rigs and tackle required
  • Where to fish in your peg
  • What and how much to feed when margin fishing
  • Top hookbaits



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