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7 May, 2024 | Match & Coarse | Angler Blogs | Tips | Articles


The PVA Method Feeder Explained!

Maver and Dynamite-backed matchman Ian Smith has been enjoying a flurry of positive results at Barston Lakes of late and it’s all been attributed to the PVA Method Feeder. This approach works very much in the same way as the conventional Method feeder although, on venues where lots of skimmers are present, you’ll find your 2mm or 3mm pellets will often get mopped up before a carp has had a chance to even reach them! The PVA Feeder allows you to fish 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pellets at long ranges which small skimmers find harder to eat – thus increasing your chances of catching carp and adding vital weight to your overall score. Below, Ian explains the benefits of this approach and how you can alter your existing feeders to create your own PVA Method…

Ian Says…

I first saw the PVA Method Feeder used around 25 years ago when fishing open matches at Gold Valley.

It was an out and out match-winner in the cooler months and to put it bluntly, if you didn’t use it, you didn’t win – so everyone had to get to grips with this tactic.

Strangely, as quickly as it burst onto the match scene, it seemed to go out of fashion just as fast!

However, I started using it again a few years back at Castle Ashby, Furzton Lake and like I have done today at Meadowlands but in a more refined way with smaller bags AND using added flavours/dips.

The results came quickly as no one else was doing it!


In recent years, Barston has been the venue for a PVA approach and just recently I won a Masters qualifier here on PVA…on the Method! Unfortunately, Barston wasn’t available for our feature today so I’ve come to Meadowlands for the first time in seven years to put it to the test and it’s worked a treat!

When to Use It?

  • Usually in the cooler months and normally when targeting the bigger carp
  • To avoid skimmers! The usual 2mm micros on a method/hybrid can attract too many of these nuisance fish, which is annoying when you are fishing at range for big carp.

Advantages Over Standard Bomb/PVA

  • Tangle Free
  • Can Be Cast Further
  • Bolt Rig Effect (Same as a Method-Style feeder)

Why Does it Work? 

  • It’s an extremely effective way of feeding larger sizes of pellets at distance. Normally, the fish only see the 2mm micros on a hybrid/method.
  • You can add flavours/dips to the bag to create a ‘taste bomb’ for those crafty carp!

The Rig

  • I remove the ribs from a small Preston ICS Method Feeder and drill a 2mm hole either side of the central stem. Then use some strong pole elastic to loop through the holes and tie a knot. This will trap the mesh bag securing in place. I has a Guru X-Safe stem with black hydro instead of the original plastic stem.
  • A 4″ braided hooklength to a QM1 size 12 and a quickstop completes my usual set-up.


  • To cast further and easier, I glue extra lead to the base of some feeders. This obviously increases the much needed weight but without using a much larger, heavier feeder

What Goes in the Bag? 

What Goes on the Bag? 

  • The Million Dollar question! Ask 10 anglers and you’ll get 10 different answers. Personally, I have found the new XL Banoffi Liquid to be awesome when the carp want a sweet fix. It emits a yellow glow underwater which can only help attract inquisitive carp.
  • However, is the carp fancy something savoury, then you simply cannot beat The Source or CompleX-T bait dips. They are proven carp attractors in the speci carp world so it makes perfect sense that they be just as effective for those bigger match carp.


  • No.1 for me has been 8mm Durables either in The Source or Robin Red flavours. Just use a quickstop and they last several casts.
  • A Washter or 8mm hard pellet are also great options.
  • I usually nick the hook into the bag for the best presentation when casting out, but I’ve also had some awesome results leaving the hook free and bites often come within seconds! Definitely before the bag has begun to dissolve anyway. Experimentation as always in match fishing is key!

Try it yourself – the results speak for themselves!








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