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Rob Wootton’s Top Ireland Groundbait Mix

England Feeder International and 2018 World Pairs Champ, Rob Wootton reveals his top groundbait mix for fishing in Ireland

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Preparation is key when it comes to fishing in Ireland. You don’t want to make the long trip across and not be confident with your bait.

So we’ve enlisted the help of Ireland regular, Rob Wootton to show us his top groundbait mixes for fishing in the Emerald Isle when fishing all methods.

fishing in ireland world pairs rob wootton

Rob with part of his World Pairs winning catch in Ireland, 2018


Rob continues..

“I absolutely love fishing in Ireland and over the past few years I’ve had some fantastic results with several big festival frame places and two world pairs wins with partners Adam Wakelin and Lee Kerry incuding victory last year (2018).”

“One thing that I put my success down to is the groundbait mix I like to use and I like to use a mixture of three groundbaits in equal parts, all from Dynamite and all three of them have a job to do in the final mix.”

Brown Crumb

The first groundbait is brown crumb, a groundbait that I wouldn’t want to fish a natural style venue without, a brown crumb that isn’t too fine is important as it will not clog when mixed like a really fine groundbait can.



Bream Original

A great groundbait for natural venues when there’s the chance of some bream, skimmers or hybrids is the Bream Original.

Not only does this groundbait add some attraction and larger particles to the finished article but it also adds some binding qualities so I know that I can make the groundbait ‘heavy’ if I need to pin fish on to the bottom.

silver x bream original great for ireland

A heavy mix that bream and skimmers just love


Frenzied Hemp Black

The last ingredient and maybe the most important is the Frenzied Hempseed Black.

This groundbait turns the mix jet black, very important in clear venues and also adds some attraction throughout the water column as the Frenzied Hempseed is so active. I’s worth remembering that roach are the more dominant species in Ireland now so a groundbait mix tailored towards them is a must and by add the Frenzied Hempseed certainly attracts the roach!


frenzied hemp match black

A groundbait for the redfins. An active mix that darkens the main mix for clearer water

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