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13 June, 2019 | Match & Coarse | Tips | Articles


How To Use Swim Stim Pinging Pellets

Our new Swim Stim Pinging Pellets have been designed for feeding at range when fishing the pellet waggler or bomb. We enlisted the help of match fishing star, Nick Speed to tell us a little bit more about how to make the most out of the new baits and the concept behind them…

nick speed pinging pellets


Nick continues…

“The ‘pinging’ principle is one of the most effective ways of triggering and catching carp on a wide variety of venues from the average commercial fishery to the more open ‘big fish waters’ such as Boddington Reservoir, and Barston Lakes.

This approach is a devastating way of catching big weights of carp in both winter and summer, and can be applied to a multitude of techniques from the pole, to the feeder and waggler.


Hitting the distance

Generally the pinging principle is applied with either 6mm or 8mm pellets, but because of the size of these pellets, this limits the range you can actually exercise this feeding approach.

As angler’s Dynamite wanted to do something about this issue and produce a large pinging pellet that enabled the angler to ping pellets at a distance beyond normal reach with a 8mm pellet. This as a result gives the angler the opportunity to “prime” a feeding zone of distances up to 50 metres, and way beyond distances of lesser sized pellets.


Drawing in the fish

Without doubt this is a deadly way of gaining advantage of feeding fish that up till now have been out of range, and applied correctly using the new pinging pellets will  draw fish in from a wider expanse of water.

Pinging is all about noise, and at this size (around 13mm) the new pinging pellets do exactly that. A typical situation for these pinging pellets is fishing the method or bomb at a further distance. Initially the fish respond to the noise of the feeder hitting the surface, but often the fish eventually wise up to this noise, and although they hang around in the feeding zone, they are often cautious to move directly over the feeder.


The larger pinging pellets allow you to hit distances you couldn’t previously reach with loosefeed


How to feed

By pinging one or two pellets at a time into the feed zone aggravates fish into not only moving into the feed zone but also causes them to investigate for food, this alone results in loads more bites as it creates competition among fish. So the fact that a larger pellet size sinking slightly quicker than smaller 6mm pellets will only help with this and result in more bites.

A key note to remember is that pinging works regardless of what depth of water, and the best way of looking at it is, the fish are triggered by the sound of the pellet hitting the surface so they then patrol near the surface looking for the food.

They very quickly realise that they’ve missed the food opportunity and in the process drift down to the lake bed to intercept the bait they’ve missed, which in the process means they’re more likely to find your feeder or bomb bait.

Hopefully you can incorporate the new pellets into your fishing and enjoy some bumper match weights. Tight Lines


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