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30 April, 2019 | Match & Coarse | Tips | Articles


Create the perfect tench fishing spod mix

More and more specimen anglers are adopting carp style, bait n’ wait approach when targeting gravel pit tench.

Tench love particles so laying down a bed of fish loving morsels with a feeder or spomb a very successful tactic to catching them.

However, it’s very important to select the right elements to your spod mix of top tench baits particularly early season when the fishing can be hard. Here’s a great mix to try…



It’s all in the mix:

Tench love The Source, hemp and corn, so why not combine the lot in one irresistible mix?

Here’s what you need:

The Source 4mm pellets

The Source 12mm boilies or alternative hookbait

XL Corn

Frenzied Chilli Hemp

Worm Premium Carp Food Liquid

Frenzied Hemp & Snails

tench particle mix ingredients


Step 1:

Pour the hemp including the liquid into a bucket

frenzied hemp a great tench bait


Step 2:

Add a tin of Frenzied Hemp & Snails

hemp and snails


Step 3:

Add some 4mm Source pellets

source pellets are a top tench bait


Step 4:

Add a tin of XL Corn

xl corn


Step 5:

Add just a few boilies or whatever your chosen hookbait is

source 12mm boilies for tench fishing


Step 6:

Add up to 1/3 of a bottle of Worm Liquid

worm liquid carp food


Step 7:

Give it a good mix and you’re ready to go!

tench particle mix


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