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17 május, 2016 | Carp | Tippek | Hírek

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Particle fishing is a massive part of the modern day carp angling scene, and I’ve lost count of the amount of fish I’ve caught over the years on this very method, but somethings come along that’s really made my mind go into over drive, the Hemp & Snails combination from Dynamite.

14mm Specimen size

As soon as you open the tin you can clearly see that this is something that has a multitude of possibilities, especially for the thinking angler.  The larger specimen snails have a mega tough outer skin, and are easily mounted on a hair for angling with.  They can be sustain a good cast and are really going to be a massive edge whilst fishing over hemp, again something totally different than the fish are used to seeing. But what I think they are perfect for is stalking.  Because they are such natural bait, and look so dam edible for the fish, I simply don’t think any carp coming across them will be able to help themselves.  The colour is a dark unobtrusive one, they aren’t round like a boilie, and they flutter down gently on the lakebed to quash any suspicion from our scaly friends.

I’ve already had good success on both tactics I’ve mentioned above, and I really do think I’ve only just began to scratch the surface with their uses.  At the end of the day we are always searching for the next big edge, and in certain situations I think I’ve found mine with the hemp & snails.

Iain Macmillan

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