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26 május, 2017 | Match & Coarse | Tippek | Cikkek | Hírek

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With so many big matches based around feeder fishing, it has been this type of angling that I’ve been focusing on this month.

With so many anglers all casting out very similar set-ups, it seems that one way you can gain an edge is with bait choice. Here’s two lessons that I’ve learnt this month… 

Flavour your feed pellets

I have fished two matches this month. One at Barston lakes, a venue where the fish see an awful lot of feeders throughout the year. Most anglers use a standard approach of 2mm soaked pellets, moulded around a Method or hybrid feeder. So, by ‘pepping-up’ my micros, I feel I’m giving the fish something just a little different.

This tactic has definitely worked as on each visit to Barston. I’ve either framed in the match or won my section and on each occasion I’ve started fishing using un-flavoured 2mm XL pellets before making the switch to a flavoured version of the same pellets and bagging up! The flavour I’m using at the minute is XL Coconut.

All I do is give a generous squirt to my soaked pellets half and hour before the match starts so the flavour has plenty of time to soak in.

Green for Bream!

Swim Stim Green has been a bait that I’ve been spending plenty of time using this month, especially on Peterborough’s noted big water bream venue, Ferry Meadows. Over the last couple of years, green has certainly been the best colour of groundbait on this large bream-infested water.

By mixing half a bag of Green Swim Stim into my finished mix, I get a nice potent fishmeal groundbait, which isn’t too bright in colour and almost matches the bottom of the lake. This is something I think is very important while the water is still relatively clear.

By mixing the bait the evening before a match, I’m allowing the groundbait to soak up plenty of water and ending up with a inert, heavy mix that I feel is important when targeting large fish.

Rob Wootton

I like to add Green Swim Stim to my fishmeal bream groundbaits

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