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18 július, 2017 | Carp | Cikkek | Hírek

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After finishing work on Saturday I decided to squeeze in a few hours on a little pit I’ve recently fished.

I turned up around 5 to find a mate nestled in peg 5, this spot covers the mouth of a 200yd long channel and you could clearly see odd fish moving around the area. We both sat in his swim for nearly an hour watching the odd fish move into the channel and through a large weedbed to our left.

One of the A-team

I decided to take a steady stroll to see just how far up the channel the fish were going. As I stumbled into the next peg I clocked four fish milling about along the far reed line and at least another two were sat in the big weed bed. After I’d watched them for a little while moving in and around the weed and along the reeds, I carried on wandering up the channel just in case they were anymore fish about. I clocked 2 more hanging around pegs 9 and 10, one of the two fish, a mid 20 common, broke away after 10 mins and started moving back down the channel towards the group of fish hanging around the weed bed near the mouth of the channel.

I decided to make my way back to peg 6 where my chances looked a little better. I slowly sneaked into the swim using the cover of some willow saplings to my right and stood and watched as the few fish I’d seen earlier were still hanging around the same spots.

Along came the common from my left that I’d followed down and it joined up with another 2 fish. The newly formed pod all of a sudden came away from the reed line and through a small cut in the weed and then started to move left back up the channel. As they approached a small clear area between me and the next peg up, I’m sure one of the fish dropped down to have a quick inspection of the silt as a tail lobe popped out pointing at the clouds for a few seconds before carrying on up the channel. I couldn’t be 100% sure so I moved to the left of the swim to give me a better view on the spot if they came back, which the did about 5 mins later.

As the group of 3 fish moved back over the spot a nice common went down long enough to take a mouth full of something before up-righting itself before following its friends that was heading back towards the weedbed on my right. I had seen enough at this point and shot off back to the car to get my gear.

After a quick chat to my mate about what I’d seen, I got into the area and started to put a plan together for the last few hours before darkness fell. I had to put a rod on the clear patch to my left and opted for a single 15mm CompleX-T foodbait pop-up on the spot. My thoughts were if he’s only picking about for a few seconds at a time then hopefully a single might get a bite a lot quicker.

I put my right hand rod onto another little clear spot to my right, just in front of the big weedbed and a spot I managed to get a common’s feeding on last week but this one knew I’d done something once I put a rig in and unfortunately I ended up fish-less on that evening.

I wanted my middle rod just in front of the reeds on the far bank about 15 to 20 yards out. I could see a small sandy coloured patch that looked bang on for a rod as I kept seeing the fish move over it as they left the sanctuary of the weedbed. However there were fish around that area at the time so I had to wait a good 10 minutes before they moved off long enough to plop a rig in place without spooking them.

I armed this rod with a single CompleX-T Fluro dumbell with the same idea of if they’re only dropping for an odd mouthful on there travels then all they’re getting off me is a mouthful.

I saw my opportunity and went for it, dropping short on my first flick and landing into a clump of Canadian pond weed a couple of feet in front of the spot. I quickly reeled in and went for it again, this time dropping not quite a foot to the right of the clearing, the fish were on there way back at this point so I decided to leave it there before I messed the job up.

I had just laid the rod at the side of me whilst I pushed the banksticks into the ground when I heard a bosh smack on the spot I’d just put the Fluro on… then noticed the bit of slack line whip up and it was game on, literally 30 seconds of casting in!

She managed to get me around two or three strands of reeds and a foot into the big weedbed on my right but I just held on as she eventually bumped herself out and into a little bit clearer water.

She took a few more dives into a couple of the smaller clumps of weed in front of me but I managed to keep her moving. My mate quickly turned up after seeing what had just happened from up a small tree between our pegs and he slipped the net under my prize.

Once on the mat we knew it was one of the A-team, the second biggest mirror in the lake known as „Grays” finally lay on my mat after unfortunately losing her last year. Revenge is sweet as they say!

We weighed her at 30lb 4oz then watched her explode out of the sling, drenching me in the process then slowly gliding back in to her home.

Lee Howard

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