Dynamite Baits

17 augusztus, 2016 | Match & Coarse | Tippek | Cikkek

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As well as taking on water, Expander Pellets can also take on flavourings, which will give them an edge if you know of a certain flavouring that the fish in your local water just adore.

At the moment I’m currently doing very well flavouring my expanders with Dynamite’s Robin Red Liquid, but you can use any flavouring, just as you can leave the flavouring out if you wish to prepare standard expanders. Here’s how I go about preparing my flavoured Expander Pellets:

Gather everything you need to prepare the expanders. In this case, I have a pellet pump just over half full of water, some Robin Red Liquid Attractant and some 4mm Expander Pellets

Start by squeezing a generous helping of liquid attractant into your pellet pump water. This will be where your expanders take on the flavour


Mix your water and liquid attractant together so that they are totally mixed, this will make sure that the expanders take on flavouring evenly

Now add one generous hand full of expanders to the pellet pump pot

Put the lid on the pellet pump pot and pump all of the air out of it. You will find it hard to pump when it is ready to release

Now place your fingers above the pump and release the pressure. You will notice that most of the pellets suddenly begin to sink

Pour most of the remaining water out, leaving just enough in the bottom to finish preparing them

Now add the remaining pots contents to a sandwich bag, twist the air out of it, and then tie an over hand knot. They will now be ready to use

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