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19 septembre, 2023 | Angler Blogs | Articles | Carp

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Kristof Cuderman: My Epic Austrian Carp Fishing Trip!

Another week and just another big carp trip in the bag for Kristof Cuderman – this guy really has got it good! This time, he had his eyes on an Austrian carp fishing trip to remember and boy, did it deliver!

Kristof Cuderman says…

When you catch more carp in 9 days of fishing than anyone else before on a very difficult lake, you know you’ve had an amazing fishing trip. On this occasion, I caught 29 carp, 4 grass carp and one big catfish.

Already you have seen a short report from my Austrian trip about a famous carp called Briggsy which I was lucky enough to catch at 34kg. After I caught that special carp, the fishing continued in the most amazing way possible for me.

Another major highlight happened just 3 days later… In the early morning, I got a take on a rod which was in the water for more then 48 hours. The spot I was fishing was crazy weedy and it took no time at all for this fish to find it.

It was really difficult to pull the carp out of it but eventually I managed to pull him free. I saw the fish for a brief moment and I knew immediately it was the famous big Two-Tone carp.

In the net it went and my scales soon showed 35.7 kg – unbelievable! A 34kg carp followed by a 35.7kg in the same trip. I just couldn’t believe it!

This fish had not been out since October last year so it was a great feeling to catch it.

An 18mm Source wafter fished over a bed of matching boilies has been a successful approach for me on many occasions and it worked this time as well!

– Kristof


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